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pvnyc 4w ago
Amazing views this morning! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
pvnyc 9w ago
Got up at 7am and went hiking in a different state again. 🌄🥇🤙🏼
pvnyc 10w ago
We hiked, drank coffee, ate healthy (and ton of tacos) - cured our various alignments with signature Californian medicine...amazing time😘! I like Los Angeles, but I will always hate the Lakers.
pvnyc 23w ago
All coffee is terrible in Paris except for here! ☕️
pvnyc 26w ago
Who doesn't love a good picture in front of a waterfall
pvnyc 34w ago
🥅🔴🥅🔵🥅 It was the hottest Sunday in the history of weather and the Rangers got a W and we got a quick table at Jack's Wife Freda and we bumped into David Blaine and me and my babe realized we are talented at life. 💯
pvnyc 34w ago
For Sale:

1997(?) Supreme Box Logo Crewneck. Grey w/ Red Bogo. Size XL. Made in USA. Superior quality and rarity. Condition 9.5/10 No Flaws, rips or stretch. 👍🏻 for 20year old piece.
Please Send Offers To DM.
pvnyc 35w ago
And tomorrow it is going to snow??❌😐
pvnyc 37w ago
#TBT This week I celebrated 9 years together with this beautiful soul. It sounds crazy to many, but if you knew our love you would understand. She has been my rock and my most amazing friend since the day I laid eyes on her. Love you, doll. Always & Forever
pvnyc 38w ago
Back alley, New York shit is what I'm about.

While the rest of you worry about internet clout.
pvnyc 40w ago
pvnyc 41w ago
Happy New Year folks!!
Wish everyone a healthy and happy 2017!!
pvnyc 41w ago
She is sweet like candy. Happy birthday my love.
pvnyc 41w ago
Honestly every single part of exhibition was incredible.