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Do a duck face. Bitches love duck faces. #me #beyonce #gay #duckface #baddie #badbitch #ratchet #topnotchbitch #holla #lol

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Using the spell "Wingardium levi-HOE-sa" makes a bad btch like me appear 🔮✨
Instead of trying to compete with me just take a seat.
I spend more time taking selfies than I do lifting weights
The grass ain't always greener on the other side, the grass is actually greener under me 🌾💅🏼
You and yo mans is havin problems? 🤔 Well I'm the solution!
Your girlfriend mad cus she unfit while I'm over here SLIM THICC 🍑
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. • Philippians 4:13 🙌🏽#quoteofthenight
You chickenheads are ash & I'm lotion! 💅🏼
Since its too late to workout for this years summer body, am working out for my 2018 summer body! Dont sleep on me yall Imma have it.. hopefully! 💪🏽
Going to the WORST place on earth... the gym 😩
I did my first day of training to be a Behavior Interventionist for kids with autism today! 👔💼
☀️🎉✨Summer days just sittin around
But when the sun goes down, I'll be ready to party
(Whoa! Hey!) Ain't nothin like them summer nights ☀️🎉
To my best friend, the Kelly to my Beyonce, the bihh who's ass I'd beat in the hall ways of King Drew & at the bowling alley during Senior Week, the bihh that got the same test score as Keywanna, the bihh who's face I accidentally slammed jnto her birthday cake and bust her lip wide open, the bihh that went to El Co with me & we hated the same girl & got mistaken for my "girlfriend", the bihh that made me say the infamous line, "F*CK THEM SONOMA B*TCHES!" Okay I'll stop now, haaa!!! I'm SOOOOOO proud of you bihh, you DID that! Now that you're coming back to LA for good, we gone be stuck together again HAAA!!! And we graduated the same day so it don't get more bestfriend than that! Sorry Vladovinos for puttin yo business out like that! Friends? 🎓🎉💖#Classof2017 #besties #bff #chillllllll #since2008 #10yearfriendiversary comin up!