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Been looking forward to seeing this pup all day.
First thing I’m going to do when I get to America, is get the sugar.
The three of us were quite pleased with our first hand. They gave us the okay to take this photo.
Couple of drinks in, haven’t wandered into the ocean yet.
I drank a ton of alcohol & wandered into the ocean. Now I’m wearing a complimentary robe and slippers.
Hosting trivia tonight at @barcelonabarnyc with @mikesfinallyon. Come join us for some good times.
After being in a splint for 7 weeks, my ring finger looks like it's never been bent.
If anyone's looking for me tonight, I'll be hosting trivia with @mikesfinallyon at @barcelonabarnyc
I wasn't really a big fan of the show "Hey Dude".
@theroho certainly knows how to get a reaction out of me.
I always forget where I got my name from, I just know it was someone from tv. My mom just casually mentioned the source in conversation, so I had to look it up.