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Had fun visiting my nana at her new digs!💯💕
Proud of this beautiful lady! Good luck on your final tomorrow, Em. I'm going to miss you! #DoubleDutch @emilyvanstraalen
Still getting over my visit to Seattle art museum. It was rad!💯
Thanks for taking hipster pics of me @dalesmygonzalez 🔥🔥
8/26/17 Whittier, AK
Probably the strangest place I've ever been. You have to wait in line to go through a ONE lane cave like tunnel in a mountain. That is the longest tunnel in North America(2.5 miles) there is 8 fully stocked safe houses that are ventilated placed thru the sides of the tunnel. They give you a sheet of how to handle an emergency before you enter the tunnel. And the town on the other side of the tunnel is super small and very eerie, the whole city lives in a big apartment building together(last photo). There is no houses. Everyone lives under one roof. There's an old army base from WWll there that's supposedly haunted.(4th photo, 5th photo tells what it contains, etc.) All around just gives you the jeebies.
8/26/17 Seward, AK
Breweries and sea life rehabilitation.💯
Greasy food, farm animals, and sore feet. Sounds like fair week! @serenacueva hope you enjoyed your first fair! 📸: @dalesmygonzalez
Happy birthday to my big brother @levi_vs! You always find joy in the little things in life, even if it's just a wienie poppin out a beer bottle. Love you dude! DISCLAIMER: sound on for max effect!
#wieniepoppers #camping #happybirthday #science #slowmotion #thatlaughthough
Had a great weekend camping at silver lake and attending the Huleatt wedding! Congrats Jesse and Samantha!👏🏻💯 (and of course @levi_vs always acting like he's taking a pic but really he's taking selfies🙄so I'm just gonna start posting all the selfies with the photos he takes😂)