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  Posted: Jul 2, 2012 7:30 PM FEED
12 X-Pro II
  • Pete and the giants :)

  • He's so cute ...does he get along with most other dogs?

  • ibeluc 5y ago

    @jayjay1143 nope. He hates interacting with most dogs. He has only really liked one dog a lot. It was a very small, calm female yorkie. 😄

  • Hahaa pretty much the same with rocky 😄

  • This pic made me smile so big! He's such a little munchkin next to those big guys. What a cute pic. But u can

  • Tell he's not thrilled haha

  • ibeluc 5y ago

    @alikane he was not excited for this photo opp

  • @jlnel1 oh my, that is the cutest pic ever!! 😍

  • ibeluc 5y ago

    @eatrueman it took a lot of work and redos!

  • @jlnel1 thank you for all of your likes and the follow! I love all your doggy pics! You have some really awesome photos! :)

  • Amazing picture, so sweet

  • zzemn 5y ago

    Happy pic

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I’m pretty sure that I’m the first person to take a photo like this ever. You’re welcome. 🍁
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He understands the concept of a human bed...
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Fall 🍃🍂🍁
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Kobe ADs 👌🏽
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Young Grasshoppa. You have so much to learn, grasshoppa!
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I'm not used to caring for a dog of this size! @mrssorno @es61175 #samsorenson
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Lost five more teeth on Friday. He doesn't have many left. He's doing pretty well given the circumstances.
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Air Max 90s + Flyknit tech is a beautiful thing.