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  Posted: Jul 2, 2012 7:18 PM FEED
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Burger phone

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Back in the bits 😫🔫 already miss watching this one inhale taco's and chase chihuahuas. Love you chica xx
Work hard. Save money. Go to Mexico. Swim in a Cenote 💧
The rest of your life, I'll take you to paradise 💙
We'd sit for hours, sun thunderstorm or showers 👭 #copenhagen @gemmalucy
Christmas in the tropics makes you do weird things, like sit on this rock in a Santa hat (me) or put sun tan lotion on the soles of your feet (mum) 🦀
Kids drawing hearts in the sand for Santa 💚 happy holidays to you and yours 💚💚💚
Could be purple, it could be pink 🐷
Posted: Oct 12, 2016 11:30 AM
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Be nice and wear nice shoes 💁🏻
📸 - @vickygrout
Trending on Twitter is like winning a PR Oscar so let me live for a minute... TOO MUCH 💚 to everyone who came down and partied with @asicstigerhq at the #asicssecretgig last night.
All the feels for @officialgiggs @ajtrcy @djlogansama @djmelodykane and @siananderson for being involved and shouts to my @sane_pr family for sailing the steeziest ship going. Especially @nicolaspb @olliekindofblue wouldn't have been possible without you.
Finally thank you to these guys, the grind payed off 👊🏻 @rwdmag @SmirnoffEurope #Smirnoff #MoscowMule @chazzgetsmoney @rainbofood @CaptainMorganEU @Guinness #HopHouse13