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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, 2017; every ride complete. 7th year in a row! Cathartic, to say the last... @the_richie @drhq @uberkalise and Johnny
Out on the town, getting drinks with friends. Face painting a plus.
Got my hands a little dirty, throwing some clay, after the eclipse. Thanks Lane for introducing me to Bitter Root.
The Three Broomsticks was too busy so having dinner at Cletus Chicken Shack. Chicken Waffle sandwich for the win #dayOff #universalstudioshollywood #harrypotterworld
Mini diversion of the day: #GettyVillaMalibu and a sniff around the #iao exhibit of #RomanAromas "what did daily life in ancient Rome smell like?" Answer= a mix of things 😬
Months of hard work and dedication have paid off. A special thanks to my LAB assistant Danika, you helped make it happen. You Rock!!
Landing at JFK at 6:00am with red eyes, not too bad, and my jaw didn't explode. There's that. #espresso at The Bean.
So, I haven't been able to travel on an airplane ✈️ in over seven years, due to jaw/sinus/teeth issues (potential jaw bone rupture.) Making the first flight today! Pre-boarding so I can be close to an exit, just in case... wish me luck, Tucson here I come.
Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes. Birthday Present: "Walking in Walt's Disneyland Footsteps" Long overdue trip to Disneyland. #happiestPlaceOnEarth
Another great Archway Theatre production: Romeo and Juliet What a great cast! Playing until March 19th. As part of my ScentSpeare project, I created 8 scents for the cast, all inspired by themes, events and scenes of one of Shakespeare's most beloved plays. Thanks to @hillzweintraub @archwaytheatrela
Moon rise over Nichols Canyon. Just thought it was pretty. There was a lot of green in the sky which didn't translate.
Spring is on its way! Spotted the first Jasmine blooms of the season, along Rustic Canyon Creek.
RIP Mary Tyler Moore. She depicted a strong rebel for her time. And Minneapolis! Needing some Netflix bingeing...
I had to stop and get a photo of the beautiful Sonoran desert and lots of rain clouds. Got to spend some quality time with my parents. ❤️ ⛅️
Throw back to a great Christmas with the family in Arizona. Spent a number of nights taking sunset photos with dad. :)
Mulholland overlook of the Valley; the rain does magic for Southern California.
Spending time with the family for Christmas. Stunning sunsets with dad.
A quick stop in Santa Monica, catching some rays. It's windy and cold, yet beautiful.