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Toronto, Canada. Back ally. Loving the red fox and the old New York tenement feel of the buildings in the back.
Queen St. Toronto, Canada. My mom made the cut in this photo.
July 2017. Meteora, Greece. monastery sitting on top of a cliff. It was quite the challenge to get up and down the monastery with all the stairs and in the heat. But well worth it. Must see 10/10. There are few places like this on earth. Click on the geotag for more amazing images of this place.
July 2017. Kassiopi, Corfu. Kassiopi beach is in the north east end of Corfu island. The country of Albania 🇦🇱 is within 5km and in viewing distance. It is a little windy and rough in this area, but, a little wind shouldn't deter you from visiting. There are several beaches and a cute town all nearby. Worth visiting 9.5/10. Ps I have no clue who this couple is.
Canadian National Exhibition. Toronto, Canada. Photo taken from the top of the slide. Little Georgia was supposed to come up the slide with me and last minute she chickened out. Determined to get this photo I made my way up the slide myself with all the other 7 year old boys and girls. It was worth it aside from the dislocated hip i suffered sliding down. Katerina, Georgia and I had a nice time. We enjoyed the rock stacker, the dog show and Tess the artist in the arts and crafts building.
Palaiokastritsa, Corfu. July, 2017 (but, We are back home now). We rented a peddle boat and spent a few hours touring. We took the peddle boat into a cave and then had trouble getting out. The kids loved jumping off the boat and swimming around. The turquoise and crystal clear water is notoriously cold at this beach , but, it was a perfect 10 this year. My wife's father is from a nearby village and the district of Palaiokastritsa so my wife spent a lot of her childhood summers here. Also worth visiting is Monastery of Palaiokastritsa overlooking the beach. #1 beach in Greece on TripAdvisor and 9/10 turquoise level on the Papadakis scale. A must see place. Overall 10/10.
July 2017. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada. (But Back in Toronto now) no filter. This video shows a little bit more dimension than a photo. If you listen you can hear the stones get pushed up by the waves and then cascade back when the waves recede. Lefkada has the most beautiful shade of blue ocean. Lefkada is an island on Greeces west coast between Italy and Greece. Part of the Ionian Islands. It is accessible by bridge so no ferry needed. And Always check the geotags for more images. @kat_eye Off to tim Hortons for a coffee and work now.