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my love, my heart, is breathing for this, moment, in time, i'll find the words to say, before you leave me today. #onedirection #congradulationsboys
  • Notice how scared they look, then how they've bursting outta their shell ❤

  • Notice how theiroutfits r almost exactly the same but they probably didn't even plan it to be 😂

  • Wait, what's happening?!!?! Are they splitting?!? 

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Jam sesh #onedirection HAS ANYONE HAD CHRIS HARREN SPEAK AT THEIR SCHOOL?he is actually the most inspiration human being
Don't worry Harry I'm here to mend your broken heart bby
I CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS MYSELF RIGHT NOW. CURRENTLY SHRIEKING OMG LOL. Taylor tweeted this first (&apparently I knew you were trouble is about Harry) and some girl quote tweeted and Harry indirectly responded to it, but he responded to the tweet closest in time to Taylor's . I FEEL THE TENSION.. AND A NEW SONG. Not to cause drama but I'm so happy if this means they broke up. #haylor #1d #harrystyles
s4s anyone? 4k+? I never so shout outs but I'm bored. NIALLL GET IN MY BODYGBDKSNADUYWGSBZUZB
omfg I'm dead. #harrystyles #onedirection btw if y'all haven't seen les mis. do it. now. Eddie redmayne is so gorgeousssssssss😍😘
Hey guys lol I haven't been on since the summer AHH I'm so busy. Miss you all ilysm😘
What is life. 💋💋💋💋💋 GET IN MY BED Is anyone else going to the MSG concert?!?!?!?! because I am so excited😍😍😍😍😍 #onedirection #zaynmalik #1D
#littlethingsproject brought tears to my eyes. I'll post a pic because like many I have insecurities too but they all make us beautiful.
Can you not. #babydaddys So how are all y'all ? Busy with school like me? Lol it's the greatest. Jklol I'm so ready for summer 2013👍
Atta boy. 🍺🍻🍴🍔🍟🍝🍛🍱🍚🍜🍞🍲🍢🍡🍦
#throwback hey ladies😀 sorry I haven't been on a lot, & it's kinda gonna stay this way until summer. I just don't have time to come on.. Like ever.. I'm so sorry 😞 but if u guys wanna stay in touch with me (idk lol) u can kik me (3rd in the bio) or you can follow my personal @rundyinyoundie 😜 please follow mehhhh I'm on that one more just with regular pictures tho heheh love you guys & I'm so sorry 😣 -Arundel xx
If and when meet Harry this is mah main line, and when we're married, he'll tell everybody at the wedding of how we met😍