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So Dominos will happily go through a McDonald's drive thru if you ask nicely and for that I would like to say they are heroes. #legendary #dominos #mcdonaldsdelivery @princessofdelmar
Beach Creatures #VelellaVelella #ocean #suchwow
Congratulations @michelledelapa on graduating from USC! The last of 3 Trojans in our family. You're gonna go far kid! #6am shots #9-0 #graduation @peeeturd @princessofdelmar @julie_kn
#desertstorm update: every other boat in the water is over $1M bucks and helicopters are swirling overhead #pokerrun #havasu @princessofdelmar @dimag76
08-20-2016 looks like we are booking NYC can't wait!! @princessofdelmar
Just sitting out here watching airplanes take off and fly
Had a great week with @jpd34 and Nana! Now off to #Chicago to hang with cousins while @princessofdelmar works all weekend
Happy National #Puppy Day!! @princessofdelmar these are our pups Ace And Ella when they were just several weeks old each #rescuedogs
How many people can say their Grandfather (80 years young) sent them a #selfie today? He is more tech savvy than my dad! Also he is on Instagram nbd. #proudgrandchild #lifegoals @mkdelapa @michelledelapa @princessofdelmar @peeeturd @jpd34