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I shared a photo of this board back on Aug 19th. This was not my intended use of this board and I’ll be frank all my hard work did not pay off. I did have to poke and pride my son along every morning. This board is of zero help in that effort but look at this it is so helpful!!! All of those hearts in the blue boxes are the days that Ella has brushed her hair. She did it the week or two before the first heart on the board at school and this morning, the last heart on Wednesday she didn’t even grumble or say any mean words!!! Yay!!! The black boxes at the bottom is a new goal of bathing, it’s not going so well, we manage to accomplish the task each night but often not without a meltdown. The red boxes to the left are for my son who will be brushing his teeth twice a day until his spacer goes back in. He seems to think Mumma can draw a 💀 in those little boxes. 😳 I’m not so sure. I’m so grateful to the staff at my daughters School Program!! It’s funny how we have plan but life haves way of making its own plans but I’m so happy to see the progress in our lives. #lifewithautism #asd #autism #adhd #adhdawareness #adhdawarenessmonth #personalgrowth #personalhygiene #smallstepsbigwins #grateful #hearts #soproud #ilovemybabiessomuch
I’m one of those people that once I get a thought in my head I can’t un•think it. It’s there, festering and growing. It goes for good and back thoughts which can suck but in this case it was starting my baby cocoon over again from the top down. I also did it with a larger hook and made it slightly smaller. I am 100% more happy with it and ever so grateful to my client who is ever so patient with me. I also super adore this texture!!! It’s amazing! So much love for @rescuedpawdesigns for her fabulous beanie design and sharing it with the world and my client and the dentist that my son loves to visit and who didn’t charge me any money today and to pain meds and muscle relaxants and lots and lots of tea!!!! So how are your day or weeks going this far?! {Insert crazy person laugh here} mine great 😜🤣😥😫😭🤣😆😉😊. #babybeartoque #babycocoon #babygift #grey #gray #genderneutral #op_crochet
I’ve finally found a fabulous stitch for this baby cocoon which has taken me oodles longer then it should have already but I’m kind of disappointed with the bottom being so flat and when I try to round it sooo much more of it showed up then what does in the photo I have. Also my stitch isn’t reversible like the one in the suggested photo and am now thinking I should have made it from the top down. 😳 sometimes I hate the perfectionist inside me. This amazing Stitch comes from Krista of @rescuedpawdesigns Emily Diagonal Beanie Crochet Pattern, it’s seriously beautiful!! One day very soon I’ll have this bad boy finished, I promise! #babybeartoque #littlehouseinthebigwoods #green #grey #gray #bunny #babycocoon #op_crochet
This Mumma is grumpier then all reason, my boy has used up ALL of my patience. I will be taking many deep breaths and digging deep into my reserves come bath time tonight. I hoping to tap out and recharge with this #sofadedsweater in @frostedbettys #sugartotsyarn called maligne lake. I seriously hope it works!! Btw did you see my gorgeous @owlsondantes hexie stitch markers in use given to me by my Fibre friend @courtclark12, thanks again sweets. #isitbedtimeyet #seriously #icandothis #thelifeofamom #ellisonlane #frostedbettys #sugartots #owlsondantes #ariesearthpottery #op_knits
I don’t know if you remember these socks, I think the last time I shared a photo of them was when the cat chewed the cable. The nail polish I applied to try and fix it was now starting to catch so I finally gave up on the needles and threw them out and ordered a new pair. It held long enough for me to finish the finish sock and start the second one so yay! Boo to being stuck with one set of sock needles though. Anyways I’m hoping to finish both my kids socks and gift them to them for Christmas. 🤞🏻Hopefully they will still fit by then with my ever growing children!! I’m also happy to have gotten my knitting groove back, although it’s once again rubbing on my finger, I taped it this morning and moved onto a different project. #hattrickyarn #ancientartsyarn #calicocatyarn #kidssocks #op_knits
My daughter went to school today but my son didn’t have school today so we spent some quality time together. We picked up a Halloween costume which took considerable courage, all the things that move and speak when you get close to them scare him like crazy. He almost scaled me more then once, I had to push him past a few. We walked to the nearest dollar store and picked up a few things including a toy gun as a treat and something for his sister. We then ventured to value village to pick out some books, it was lots of fun to see what he prefers and to scores some books he was really excited about and they would both love. It was a wonderful morning we also got homework and chores done plus some mine craft time. It was so much fun to go back to when he was smaller and going shopping with him when she was in school, race down the isles and be totally silly. I really love my boy!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #mummaandson #specialday #qualitytime #beingsilly #havingfun
It’s been a LONG week and today he capped it off with a trip to the hospital by 10am for agonizing nerve pain. The hospital sent him on his way without much relief, he had to go back to he military doctors for some pain management and eventually home by 3pm for a nap in hopes of sleeping off the pain. He’s awake now but I haven’t seen him this bad in a long while. I feel sad for him, I love him so much. I wish I could take away his pain, I just want him to enjoy life the way he wants to. I didn’t get any work done today but I though I would pop in and let people know why I wasn’t posting beautiful crochet. #somedays #lifesucks #hospital #sleeping #painmanagement #heartbroken
I love this little peanut. Our day was full of appointments. I met up with the Gastroenterologist and my husband met with a Psychiatrist before we gathered and met up with our daughter Psychiatrist. It didn't leave time for any work today but it was all so good, needed and reconfirmed so much! We're all on the right track. #appointments #psychiatrist #gastroenterologist #ASD #ADHD #Anxiety #learningdisability #emotionaldysregulation #OCD #IBS #myfamilyofacronyms
My soldier, sure to be medically released and moving home by summer 2019. Right now he's sick napping off a cold but something about seeing his boots there and his uniform on and the light hitting his face just right just begged a photo to be taken. I wish pain was not his world because I love him so much. #mysoldier #boots #halfdays #medicalretention #canadianforces
I didn't get a photo of one of the baby bear toques I finished on Monday before my Mumma @michellegierphoto bought it and took it home for her photography business but I'm sure I'll see a beautiful photo of it soon enough. I did finish up this cream one yesterday and whipped up this bottom left grey one which is a smaller replacement for the top grey one. I was worried it wouldn't fit the babe. I'm now in the process of making a baby cocoon to match. I made a green fimo clay handle for this 6.5mm hook and it's making a huge difference. I didn't realize how used to them I had become. Lol oh and this is my bed buddy, he has no name yet but my Mumma bought his for me as a throw back to the stuffed pig I picked out when I was a just a wee girl. I still have that one too. I haven't yet gotten anything posted to the shop yet, in so sorry. Maybe in a couple days, I'm really busy right now. Message me if you need a #babybeartoque for any size before then. I also have some other colours now. $25 CAD for child sizes plus shipping. #forsale #availablenow #toque #beanie #hat #op_forsale #op_completion #op_crochet
Happy Thanksgiving from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! It was so wonderful to have my parents come up for thanksgiving, they surprised us by showing up earlier then expected Friday evening. We played games, visited, ate delicious food, played more game and were silly together. We ran errands, had long talks, and welcomed my little sister, we giggled and hugged. Took the dogs for walks and the kids. We had more delicious food and before all was said and done we took apart the dinner table and hauled it and the chairs down stairs for the winter. This will now be our sensory room for the winter months. I love my family so much and I am so grateful for them, I missed seeing my little brother around the table but I'm happy he's with his girl. It was a good holiday. So much love, unconditional love, support and joy. I'm sure the rest of my family would agree, I so needed it. #happythanksgiving #sensoryroom #sensorytoys #sensoryswing #autism #ourlifewithautism #adhd #family #familymatters #happinessis
This weeks work. I know it's Saturday and I don't usually post work updates on the weekend but since I didn't post yesterday and my mom arrived and I showed her the #babybeartoque's I made for her but one was WAY too big and the other I made two sizes. With her all her experience and constant exposure to wee babes through her photography @michellegierphoto (which is why she is purchasing two beautiful baby bear toques) she was able to help me decide that my previous smooth grey toque was also too large for its new owner. I'm in the process of whipping her up that textured "warm cream" baby bear toque bottom right. All of the top row of baby bear toques will be available in my shop next week. The cream one is 6-12 mo, smooth grey is 3-6 mo and the textured grey is 6-12 mo also please message me if you simply can not wait for Etsy. In the coming weeks I should have some textured brown, dark grey, cream and silver in many sizes, lavender and royal blue. #toque #op_forsale #op_completion #genderneutral #babygift #babyboy #babygirl #babybear #babytoque #babyhat #op_crochet
I managed so grocery shopping today because my family is coming and I'd like them to be able to eat. Lol that and Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend so yay!!! By the time I got home I had a terrible sinus headache and I was not ok, I had some meds and lunch and just relaxed with a recorded tv show with my husband who was WAY sicker then I and nestled on the couch. I eventually wove in some ends on hexies but iPad games won out. So I more less too an errands morning and a sick afternoon. I am feeling better but that sinus congestion is terrible and coming back. Oreo curled up in my basket all cute an adorable like. She's the perfect Halloween Kitty, and I just remembered we got her just before thanksgiving last year. I love my soft sweet girl. #op_oreo #colourblockhexies #op_crochet
Almost done two more #babybeartoque's I wasn't sure of the sizing of one so I made both. Monday one of these beautiful grey baby bear toques will be available for sale in my Etsy shop. I still need to weave in the ends and sew on the ears but they are going to be sweet as pie! #littlegreybear #littlegraybear #crochetpolarbearhat #forsale #etsy #op_crochet
Today I finished up another #babybeartoque 0-3 mo this time in @lionbrandyarn's Homespun Thick and Quick Dove colourway. So very baby polar bear wouldn't you agree? I barely won yarn chicken and with what was left I whipped up this little Pom Pom maybe for a beanie of left overs. Anyways it didn't take me long to get started on the second request of this order another 0-3 months baby bear toque this time in #lionbrandyarn's homespun clouds colourway and only a 6mm hook so I'm having to fiddle to directions a little so fit is the same. #op_completion #crochetpolarbearhat #bearhat #beartoque #babygift #baby #op_crochet
Oh my gosh Courtney @courtclark12! It's like you can read my mind!! Thank you so much darling! I am just over the moon about my @fibreshare package. I let out a crazy squeal when I saw the tiny hexie stitch markers, my son came running down the stairs. All the tea smell just divine, you'll all just have to trust me on that! Lol. The card couldn't be more perfectly me if it tried. The fibers and colours are divine! I can't believe that I have @mothy.and.the.squid yarn! Yay!! I love that the @ancientartsyarn is called "socknado" and the @dyeforewe is so amazing, I love to support Canadian dyers!! Sock blockers and candy and gum oh my!!! The chapstick is perfect for this time of the year, thank you so very much darling!!! I heart you so much!! Above and beyond! Xo #thankyou #fibreshare #fibreshare2017 #fibresharebesties #spoiled #sograteful #mothyandthesquid #ancientartsyarn #davidstea #dyeforewe #nerds #airheads #purgum #lazzyloz
Not bad for a mornings work! It will keep a soon to be baby very cozy in their woodland themed #babybeartoque. I promised two others to another by the weekend and judging by how quickly I made this adorable one I can totally accomplish that and get some thanksgiving groceries. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. I woke up this morning and was like wow they come on Friday! Yay!! Back to the matter at hand. How cute is this little grey bear toque!! Next up a fluffy white baby polar bear!! #grey #gray #toque #hat #crochetpolarbearhat #op_completion #op_crochet
It's so cold and chilly today. I'm now huddled under that blanket drinking that tea because it's the perfect day to crochet that baby bear toque. I can't believe it's 1c feels like -5c already on Oct 2. Granted we don't have nearly the snow my parents have to the south in Calgary but I'm still cold! It does excite me a little though, because Wednesday is the start of Hockey season!!!! I can't wait!! #goflamesgo #crochetpolarbearhat #babybeartoque #stayingwarm #widn #op_crochet
I made this gorgeous #roundrainbowripple blanket pattern by Celeste Young @celknits from the inspiration of GoodKnits blog post called "Crochet: A Study in Pink" and added on her border pattern. However since my friend is expecting a boy instead of a girl I used greens and blended into turquoise, and teals. It's 41.5" point to point and 34.5" valley to valley. It was a joy to make and I can't wait to gift it once the baby boy is born but for now I'm going to wash it and keep it hush hush and hope she doesn't check out my IG account. Lol. #blendedcolours #green #teal #turquoise #ripple #starburst #babyblanket #gift #babygift #op_completion #op_crochet
Check out all these amazing textures and colours. I'm feeling better, not myself but better thank you everyone!! Starting Monday I'm doing to take a break from my usual hexie making and make some baby bear toques. If you have any particular sizes or colours of bear toques you'd like please let me know! Child sized toques will be $25 plus shipping. I can also make adult sized toques too. #textures #sosquishy #squishy #neautrals #toques #beartoques #bearhats #babytoques #babyhat #childhat #adulthat #op_crochet