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His head on a stick. Super cool. A keeper/grad party decor.
The ladies, their beautiful corsages & the 2 men. #freshman #huron ❤️🖤
Senior Night 2017! One of the "firsts" about senior year.
A girls day out to Frankenmuth & outlets felt like a full weekend. Great quality time with my tribe of girls.
Freshman shut out against Allen Park. 28-0. Freshman team is a pretty amazing group of fine young men. Yes they are talented and haven't lost a game since 7th grade but they are amazing off the field. They are a tight group with a bond that can't be broken! I'm excited to see this group grow as a team (physically & mentally) in the game of football! @jeremiah_r_e_i_t_z
Little brother eventually catches up to big brother. Celebrating Summers end and reliving our favorite moments. #moments #timeforschool
Tomorrow they walk thru the doors of High School together & enter their Senior year & Freshman year! #holdme #gochiefs
3 football team. 3 football games. 3 wins. Congratulations Huron Football for winning all your games this week. #onetribe #oneheartbeat #gochiefs
Senior year for child A. While the embroidery machine was running, I stayed close by. I picked up the pile of shirts that I've saved in the back of the closet for 15 years. A couple months ago I put it in my sewing room with intentions of making a quilt out of the t shirts. Last night was the night I started. 2 weeks after my senior made the decision not to play soccer his senior year. He's convinced it's the right decision. I am too. He's convinced those aren't the people he wants to spend several hours with each day for 6 weeks. I am too. He's happier. I am too. He had an amazing run at soccer. He played his best from the time he was 4. When he was tiny he would roll to avoid the fall. He kept that move thru the years. There were a few mid air flips & several front somersaults. Always impressing the crowd. He closes this chapter in his life. And I do too. As I piece this quilt together, I will reminisce about the teams he was a part of. Khaki was his first team. I thought it was the ugliest color for a 4 year old team. But there were so many teams and so many colors taken, they only had khaki left. A good problem I suppose. Orange. His dad coached the orange team. On picture day there was a sign for team pictures, they quickly named their team "Smashing Pumpkins". Many memories. Seems like yesterday but seems like a life time ago. #enjoythemoments #timeflies #senior #soccer