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After pouring rain all morning there's of course now clear and sunny skies. Oh the west coast life in the fall 🍂❤️🍂
I made a new thing today guys! I might have to make another one to keep as my stock sample since I just adore this bookmark so much and wanna use it with all my reads 💙 I have this one listed in my Etsy shop in my bio ☺️
The pain from that trauma still burns a fire in me everyday. It has broken me, it killed me inside, and then ultimately it fuelled me to get back up again stronger than ever before. I will never be used and abused ever again, because I'm not your toy. #metoo #traumasurvivor #abusesurvivor
It's the perfect Sunday for reading Crooked Kingdom and having a bubble bath with my new Frankenstein rubber ducky I got with a Halloween bubble bar from @backwoodssoap ❤️🎃
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Hope everyone is having a lovely October so far! I've been crazy busy with school work and other time consuming stuff lately so painting has once again been a bit slow.. but I did just complete this Mr. Meeseeks craft pumpkin as my little project for the weekend 🎃😂
Well that was an interesting new adventure on the mainland for the weekend.. never seen such a storm like that except in the prairies! So crazy. I'm excited to be heading home now back to my hubby and our adorable fur baby ❤️❤️❤️photo credits to the lovely @secretwatersphoto ☺️
My sister's place has a great Fall view in Chilliwack, so perfect for the thanksgiving weekend! 🍂🦃🎃
So excited to be spending Thanksgiving weekend with my baby sis on the mainland, I've missed this little weirdo ❤️photo credits to the lovely @kathleenbphotography 😘
Sun Summoner & Darkling vibes with this awesome choker necklace and my favourite gothic shirt that I finally fit back into after starting my healthier lifestyle! Happy happy days ☀️🖤☀️
Feeling happy and cute today in one my favourite dresses from @misspatina 💕
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Another quick update for the day: I just listed this awesome Six of Crows bookmark in my shop! I can't stop admiring it right now and I'm definitely going to be making one for myself to use while currently reading this book 🖤
The most wonderful month of the year!!! Happy first of October everyone 🍂🎃🍂
Perfect Autumn evening at the Moon Festival Lantern Celebration at Gordon Head. So many magical lights ✨🌙
After the news about the loss of precious little Rhea the naked birdie yesterday I'm glad I'm able to spend the day taking care of the family pets for some quality time, but especially with my beautiful 13 year old cockatiel Chirpy. Birds will always hold a special place in my life ❤️❤️❤️
Been in a major reading slump lately since I finished the Grisha trilogy.. and there's only one cure for that which is a nice and light fluffy read! I've been meaning to read Austenland for a couple years now since I saw the movie and I'm absolutely adoring it so far 💕
Had a refreshing Autumn walk in Royal Roads today since the fog rolled in. I also got to wear my Maleficent cape coat, it was absolutely blissful 🌲🖤🌲
Wearing my Middle Earth map leggings tonight to celebrate 80 years of The Hobbit at Russell Books! So excited 💚•

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Got a jacket today that was giving me some major Darkling vibes. Now if only I could find an eclipse choker to go with it 🖤🌘