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Posted: Jul 16, 2017 3:06 AM
1 Skyline
My car, or neighborhood cat's bed?
Posted: Jul 12, 2017 12:53 PM
2 X-Pro II
3/5 of the sunflowers in my flower garden. The marigolds are starting to explode with the wild flowers, and the poppies are slowly starting up on round 2 of their season. And if anyone needs Basil, I have way too much!
Posted: Jul 6, 2017 11:59 AM
0 Helena
Leif lazing about in the rose garden.
Posted: May 23, 2017 11:55 PM
4 Normal
Part of an unfinished art project that I might pick back up again. Sometimes it just takes the right moments of the universe to fall inline, helping you realize what should and should not be.
Posted: Apr 22, 2017 10:59 PM
0 Normal
Happy #Earthday everyone. Remember; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Posted: Apr 9, 2017 5:38 AM
0 Nashville
Next time you see #TheKillers let them know I've got #direction to #perfection. Yeah, you gotta help me out.
Posted: Feb 11, 2017 12:59 AM
0 Lo-fi
Finally Floating
Away I'll be.
Away from you,
And Away is me.

Finally floating,
Directionless breeze,
No lands bind me,
Cast off, so free.

Finally floating
Not one near here
All's horizon,
Nottathing stopping.

Finally floating
Alone I'll be
Finally Floating
Til the Earth hits me.
Posted: Jan 28, 2017 7:29 PM
6 Normal
i knew you had a top hat. Oh, i played you as if you were a mere fiddle!
I'm sure this is a repost but it made me smile today. Silly brain, what are you thinking?
And now a quick, cheap #ad for my quick, cheap band about a quick, cheap show (#free) @ the #Britisher in #Lancaster. Hosted by #Burgerwolf on Jamuary 12th. Come enjoy our preformance through a #story of #love and loss told through #projections, #livemusic and #poetry.

If you cannot make it, check out Delusions Of Adventure on #soundcloud

Three cheers for #experimental #poetry #synth #punk #jambands "Hip Hip...wait...what?"