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Fairly certain she is mentally preparing her strongly worded letter to some authority figure regarding this abuse. 🙄
Jerk pork tenderloin marinade.
Making the best of an unexpected overnight in NYC. Hung out with family, then drinks at one of our favorite bars.
Sunday afternoon in Paris. Champagne, ham & cheese baguette, and chocolate tarte. Accompanied by a live big band.
Enjoyed a lovely Italian meal in Paris... topped off with a complimentary glass of lemoncello.
Our feet are dead but it was totally worth it. The Venus de Milo, Great Sphinx of Tanis, Mesopotamian Lamassus, and Hammurabi's entire code on a basalt stele. Plus thousands of other paintings and items.
Arrived just after opening, 15 minute security line, no line for tickets and headed straight to this timeless beauty. #monalisa #hereyesfollowyou #selfiehell
Second chocolate dessert in Paris. We have been here for 10 hours. 😬
More Claude Monet paintings than I have ever seen in one place. Plus! Degas, Manet, Pissaro, Cezanne and more.
Our Learn to Curl team. Thanks @eclynch for teaching us your sport!
Mark Mander's 'September Room' with 'Spoonbridge and Cherry' in the background.
First course: steak tartare; I also may have eaten my weight in parmesan fries.
Spending a hot day in a humid conservatory. At least it was pretty!
My first attempt at making padron peppers at home. Verdict: delicious!
When your hubby picks up the library books and you realize you didn't coordinate what books you put on hold. 😬