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Food makes almost anything a little better. Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread. Done, so when Corey gets here I'm clocked out and in bed #lemmeLone #ilovebread #toomuch #carbs #mightThrowCookiesInTheOven #whynot #sistersBFisBringingMeBoobCabbage #BlessHisHeart
A rollercoaster of a day emotionally that i won't go into detail about. Good news. Sad news. Corey still insisted we go to dinner. Just kept it casual and close tho. Family date. It was so cute how Rya was super particular about what SHE wanted to wear (an outfit with hearts on it) and how I did her hair. She wanted to look nice for our family anniversary dinner lol. She's so sweet.
Happy 8 year wedding anniversary... 17 years together. God blessed me with an awesome husband and even greater daddy to my girls. Love this man of mine. ❤
My DJ is hereeee 😂😂😢😢 smiling and crying all at once! U wanna know what he looks like?? Ummm yeah just look at a baby picture of my nephew RJ... twinssss I swearrrr to you... twinsssss ahhhhhhhh I'm so in love already. My bubba jr!!!! #BabyBubba 8lbs 8 oz
Proud moment! She was so scared lookin at mommy to save her as daddy insisted she get on with him. We seen some people flip over as they came down and water definitely splashing the face (which she HATES) . I just KNEW I'd have to comfort her after a meltdown but she came down smiling and was excited to go again. #mybravegirl
Celebrating Braydens 5th birthday. swipe thru to see the fun... What an awesome day! Sooo thankful they let us be apart of it!
What Rya wanted to do for her great soccer game. Halloween decorations. She was picking out the grossest stuff.. nasty bloody heads eating rats, dead hanging bodies, skeletons etc etc... I was like nope.. am I a prude lol... I'm not with the evil stuff so I felt spiders and bats were a good compromise... maybe one day I'll allow it who knows... but she was still sooo excited as daddy hung up the decorations. We love our Rya girl so much!
Trying on my new #mac #lipstick I got yesterday #mangrove is the name. Orange tint perfect for #fall
that girl blocking all her kicks was getting on my last nerve 😂😂
By far her best game yet... she kicked it in like 5 times at least... now mind u it was stopped every time lol but hey it's almost the same to me 😂😂😂 all the parents and coaches were like, who was that girl out there?!? I stay with offering her stuff if she does good... this time she was working harddddd for Halloween decorations for the house lol... which I don't buy cuz I'm not too sure how I feel about them.. I'm more of a fall decor kinda person :) but she did sooo good tonight that I guess we can go check some out ;)