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6 strips and about an hour of shaping :/ lets do it again!
handles are like handles, they hard as vegan doodoo.
steppin' on the street
DOOT DOOT DOOT DOO #humanspace
real quick wanna dip out of hawaii for a bit, im straight skressing here lmao.
Looks promising, a couple more weeks it should look decent #cyanotype
Cyanotype on glass is going to be a major project this semester lmao.

Expired 199X. Wish I knew where this roll came from lol.
Finished the Duke Kahanamoku 1-mile open water in 32:10.

Ho rajahhh. This was my first time doing any type of race, let alone swimming in general. I was honestly expecting a 40 min run projected from my practice runs. Still quite a bit of a shock to be honest haha.
Mahalo to everyone for all the support.
juuuush 16w ago
Foreign beach.

Expired Kirkland 200. Lmao, Costco film. #35mm #kirkland200