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"And we'll make memories we'll never, ever forget."

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Slowly but steady making this my own. Beds, fridge, wash dryer and dish washer got delivered today, too, so I can move in there tomorrow already. 🤗
This one is excited and exhausted and overwhelmed and far from relaxed but OH SO WELL and wont have a proper sleep for at least a week. 🙃
Well, how can I say no to oysters, especially since Kloof Street House failed so terribly on delivering them to me last season. 🤗 Happy weekend everyone! ☀️🇿🇦💋
Arrived safely in my new lovely temporary airbnb home off Kloof St. Getting the keys to my own place on Monday, so for now its just arriving and relaxing and pinching myself that I'm on the other side of the world again and all my luggage made it through customs, even the mobile induction field. 🤓 So hello Cape Town, what's cooking? Anyone up for a coffee already? 🤗
T-0. 😱😍😱
Good morning! 🙃
So this is it. Today I'm moving to Cape Town, half a year for now, but with a long term flat running till I quit it. A second home that needs to be fully furnished which will keep me busy and hibbelig (overly excited) for the next month (or year 🤗). It'll be a place to escape Berlin or just to run to Cape Town when I miss it. A new chapter to be written in my book. Come visit me (there's a guest room up for grabs 🤗), meet me for a coffee, shoot with me, eat with me, drink with me and most of all, enjoy this wonderful place with me. See you on the flip side! ☀️🇿🇦❤️
#capetown #southafrica #mothercity #secondhome
All is packed, all is organised and my heart beats in anticipation. T-1. ☀️
Some recipes I cooked and shot in the current issue of Glamour Germany. Even though not all of the recipes are vegan, I veganised them to be able to eat them. All still yummy and pretty. 😋
#ailineliefeldphotography #glamour #foodphotography #vegan #socialfood
You can tolerate it, but it won't make it good. ☝🏻
Back to rain. 🙄
But, T-12 to CPT. 😱☀️
Bye bye Mallorca, its been a good time, not sure though, I will come back soon. You're just not my type. 😉
Quick fall stop in Berlin is next and then Cape Town, my feet are itching badly! ☀️
#sunrise #goodbye #whileinbetween #mallorca
Anticipation is a wonderful thing. For two weeks now, I wake up every morning, full of joy looking forward to move into this place on Oct 16th, located in CPT! 😍☀️
My very own place, empty and a canvas to be filled with life and furniture. I cannot wait. ❤️
#cpt #mothercity #2ndhome