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  Posted: Jul 1, 2012 7:42 AM
35 Earlybird
Aren't we just so cute? We make legit velociraptors #swag #sexy #awkwardfaces @kierneyy @emo4011
  • Side note, Im not wearing heels they are just real short!

  • Haha! They are like ewoks? Hehe soo how tall are you? Hehe

  • @nickumana1 I bet you you can't beat my velociraptor impression! 😁

  • Hahahahah this is GREAT!!!! You should go into professional velociraptor modeling! You are going to have to teach me this impression!! You got all Sorts of awesome impressions @sprucebaby😜

  • @nickumana1 you should try it first! :p and the actual impersonation is really REALLY embarrassing, so you have to earn it... Or somehow make me extremely hyper!! 😳

  • @sprucebaby ok I'll start practicing!! Should I practice a lot and wait till the baseball game to show you the impression or instagram it?:) this is what I'll do!! I'll be a looooooot of candy and then in the most non creeper status way, ask you "Hey..Willow......want some candy?" 😉

  • @nickumana1 INSTAGRAM! :) lol. And you will have to be more creative... Because I dont eat candy 😁😜

  • Hahah alright I'll do my best velociraptor impression tomorrow and instagram it!!! Maybe I'll even do it dressed up as a teen wolf!!;) @sprucebaby I know exactly how...😏

  • @nickumana1 oh my gosh that would be awesome!!!! :) haha @saramuffinzz is NOT allowed to help you!!!!

  • Hahah ok sometime tomorrow it's gonna go down and will be instagramed!!😜 I don't need @saramuffinzz!! I'll figure out something!!;D goodnight!

  • @nickumana1 good luck!!! 😁 night!

  • You have to instagram you doing the buddha!!! 😁 @sprucebaby

  • @nickumana1 the what???

  • You know that fat little Asian dude that crosses his legs and meditates! @sprucebaby

  • I know who Buddha is :p lol I just didn't know which pose you meant @nickumana1! Jeez... I'm not that blonde 😒

  • @nickumana1 saaaaaavvvve meeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hahah😜 I'm the blonde one when it comes to poses! You can pick one!!! What do you need saving from!?:)

  • @nickumana1 saaaaaavvvve meeeeeeeeeeee

  • @nickumana1 well you see.... I waited until the last minute... And my piles of homework are trying to eat me alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh noooo:/ @sprucebaby you got this!!! You tell those piles of homework that if they don't disappear then teen Wolf velociraptor is gonna come rip them up for you!!!

  • You still got lots of time even If it doesn't seem like it, so just focus and show them whose the boss!:)

  • @nickumana1 if you tear them up I just have to do them over!!!!!!!' :O how could you?!?!?!? 😜 lol do you happen to be an expert on the Algerian war of 1954?!? Haha and I'll be ok.. I just need LOTS of Starbucks :)

  • @sprucebaby hahaha I won't do that then!! Unfortunately I don't:/ that's a very smart idea!! Starbucks always makes everything better!

  • @nickumana1 uhm, of course it does!!!!!!! :) it's perfection! So, not going to lie, teen wolf velociraptor is sooooooo cooooooolllll!!!!!

  • It is!!!;) you really think so @sprucebaby ??? I underestimated teen wolf, it has already brought awesomeness!! :p

  • @nickumana1 YOU ARE WATCHING IT?!?!?! I am so stoked!!!!! :) its good huh!!!

  • @sprucebaby I've only watched the first episode of season 1 but I have no complaints!😁

  • Oh @nickumana1... You have a lot of catching up to do to get to the season 2 final by Monday

  • @sprucebaby by Monday?!?! I'll try my best but no promises:P

  • @nickumana1 that works for me :) lol

  • @nickumana1 you excited for school tomorrow ? 😒

  • Ehhh in super excited for senior year but not so thrilled about the work that comes with it haha:) and I'm gonna miss summer freedom terribly! How about you? How's your homework coming along?:)

  • @nickumana1 I am so missing my summer :( I am not super excited because a lot of my friends graduated!!! Lol and... It's... Going :) I finished one paper!! 👍😁😜

  • Oh @sprucebaby I totally feel you on that one!! A lot of my friends graduated too:/ wooohoooo! Gooood job😜 if you need any motivation just imagine me in my teen wolf costume at the baseball game taking out all the angel players....and eventually being tazered😝

  • @nickumana1 oh geez!!!! Got to admit, that's going to be suuuuper awesome!!!!! 😁

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