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  Posted: Jul 1, 2012 6:34 AM FEED
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Loving my overdue ootd (29/06) :)

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... Can’t quite decide if i love or hate this photo...
Slice thinly –
you will find your indelible mark in every microthin layer of me
Oh how things have changed since the old school days~
How phenomenal, for us to be such tiny specks in both space/time and yet have the capacity for such depth and intensity in feeling
New hair ft. surprisingly decent curls from tying a bun (only bc i'm a no0b who doesn't know how to use a curling iron LOL) 💇🏻
Wanted something nice but subtle enough, and @nao12477 from @ruler.singapore did such a lovely job! Psst, if you're thinking of getting your hair done, just flash their ig page for 20-30% off services ☺️
Finally catching a breather bc recess week wuhu!!! \(//∇//)/
Return of da deceptive taller-making camera angle
Birthday picnic for the cutest poopy pie who just turned 10 <3
Thank you for being a bundle of pure, pure love (i'm p sure you're the only one who gets so excited about me coming home... after i go downstairs for 5 mins LOL). I've learnt so much from you about being happy and loving without expectations, and i only hope for more time in the world with a healthy you ☺️ My forever baby!!!
My life is essentially a series of aaron being distracted because he has the attention span of an ant, pt II
When nosy doggo wants to be part of the flatlay 😂
Floral jumpsuit launching on @thetinselrack at 8!!!
Had to borrow @joycesayshello's phone to take this bc i'm a loser who cracked my phone screen across the front camera :'-D
Found out today that one of my mods requires an essay submission every week, and another is cancelling half its tutorial slots and can no longer fit into my timetable. Thought i was kinda ready for y3 but life has a cute little way of kicking you in the nuts when you least expect it
It's gonna be back to the grind on monday 📚
"I'm not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes" jk it was a v painful experience i'm slightly afraid now