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The sweet, suite sound of football season. #fuckthevikings Thanks @kingb69
And the clock starts! These three bastards go out to shower beers across the world. Now off to forage food... #rainierchallengexxxii
Stop trolling me Tinder. We all know you just want me to keep playing the skrull game.
#fuckyouchambersism no. 128: where there's a lake, there's a fisherman who's bad at his craft
Two perfect half moons...adios los eyeballs.
Alright Cathy, you win...
#fuckyouchambersism no. 7: They should really not let the homeless travel abroad.
@lagunitasbeer tap takeover! High westified imp. stout is back out, and it brought friends. Eight taps, one flight, and a whole lot of boozy beer. Come say hi @capitolcider
#fuckyouchambersism no. 57: before they tip you, make sure they know your name.