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I tend to be pretty private on social media, but I think this is important. One incident sticks out in my mind. Its not because of what the harasser did, but because the (mostly) men around me didn’t seem to think it was a big deal and told me to calm down after being aggressively groped in a crowded bar by a stranger. Wanting to be the “cool girl”, I fought back tears and tried to brush it off. There is no overreaction to assault or harassment. Say something. #metoo
Stella has exactly one friend, and that friend beats the crap out of her. She couldn’t be happier 🙂 #gspkaia #goldenmountaindog
Fun fact: Monarch butterflies migrate across North America every year, and a group of them made a pit stop in my neighborhood. Probably saw over 100 today. Made me smile. 🦋
Having a fun girls night with my favorite pups, Miss Stella and Kaia. Can't be in a bad mood around these two 😘