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  Posted: Jul 1, 2012 12:08 AM FEED
2 Valencia

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"Every streetlight reveals a picture and a verse"
Yesterday, Ian had an issue with his insulin pump, leading to him having no insulin in his body for an extended period of time, leading to diabetic ketoacidosis.
This is a scary moment for us, as it was this issue that sent him into the hospital in the first place, when he was 5 years old, before we knew he was diabetic at all. His sister Anika won a green hippo for him at a Village Inn crane machine during his first hospital stay, and she gave it to him then. Today, she brought it back to him.
This time was one hundred percent different from last time, with the notable exception that it still scared the hell out of me. We knew what to expect, his mother immediately administered insulin and took him to the ER. He will be getting out today, but I'll never forget his description of DKA as feeling like "my blood was on fire." Happy to have to him safe, and hoping it never happens again.
It was raining
On the night we met
You said
Hell yeah.
I think
The blood was rushing
Through my head so fast
I didn't hear clearly
And then 3 years later, this one showed up and changed everything all over again. Happy birthday Anika!