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  Posted: Jun 30, 2012 10:13 PM FEED
9 Lo-fi
Made a birthday cake for my cute mom! Nom Nom Nom.

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Functional and pretty? SIGN ME UP. Finally, a travel mug that can keep up with me. Promise guys – the AUTOSEAL West Loop NEVER SPILLS!! @gocontigo #ad
There are party views, and then there are @cartier party views. This magic is the latter, obviously. Also: why do I always want to take pictures of bridges? It’s a legit compulsion. #cartierparty #cartierhighjewelry
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 1:17 AM
105 Clarendon
Another steal-your-heart moment in my #househunting diaries. I’m a sucker for ivy and greenscapes in general, and this charmer is giving me quite a few feels. What do you think? Does this house scream @jonathanleahy + @dukeleahy or naw? #ivy
Puttering around the house on this lovely Sunday, and found this photo of me + @jonathanleahy, and got all the feels. I never thought I’d want to get married, never thought I’d meet the one, and never dreamed I’d be so lucky as to be wrong about both assumptions. Once again, just goes to show you that you never know what’s around the corner, and that anything is possible. (Can you tell I’ve been reading the Vows section of the @NYTImes? 😂) #sentimentalsunday
Some days are good, but #flowersfriday is always the best. I’m floored and delighted by these stunners from @thepetalworkshop. Thank you Matty, for bringing so much joy into the world with your work. #cafeaulaitdahlias FTW! Unless that’s not what they are, in which case please correct me! #flowers #flowersmagic
What does it say about me that I feel like my MOST authentic self when I have exaggerated cat-eye liner? Is that weird? Also: mad love for @alybarrmakeup of the @theglamapp for catting me up. She's a real gem, folks. Don't sleep.
One of my favorite aspects of @whowhatwear's #thefallissue, which I'm WILDLY proud of, is the fact that we got #LindaRodin to be the star of our Styled By story, along with her beloved poodle, Winky. Because what says HELLS YES, FALL FASHION like this stunning entrepreneur? Great interview with her by @ginaalilbit, in which Rodin talks jeans (she loves @levis), tattoos, and why she doesn't plan ahead. Styling by the brilliant Photo by the talented @sophieelgort. Link in bio for all her looks and words of wisdom.
TFW when your cupcakes find their light. Also: there is little that makes me more competitive than a potluck anything. Also also: these guys are legit the darkest, most chocolate-y cupcakes in the world. They are next level. Recipe by @mollyorangette, who writes + adapts my favorite baking recipes of all time. I love her writing, too, so if you're not familiar with her byline/blog/book, I'd familiarize yourself. That said: I'm always on the lookout for other gifted recipe writers; who are your go-to people for foolproof baking recipes? Inquiring minds want to know! #cupcakes
Photo from the early days of falling in love with this man and his Hound. And by "early days," I mean two years ago. Crazy how much has happened since then; crazy how much is to come. Just goes to show that no matter what your life is like today, everything can change (and change for the better) in the blink of an eye. 📷 @joeymaalouf #tbt
When I tell you @katebosworth really showed up for #thefallissue, know that I mean it. Concept, wigs, vibe—she brought it all—and the result is something truly special. If you haven't had a chance to check out the issue, please do so on @whowhatwear (link in bio, duh), and read my story on this remarkable woman. Also: we had the MOST AMAZING team on this shoot, and I'm so proud of all of their efforts. Thank you everyone who worked on this project!!! The brilliant @patidubroff @dennisgots @sarahgorereeves @siljamagg @lizzielang @katcollings @bobbyschuessler @jbake21 @plantan @alex_the_andre and so many more!
Couldn't be prouder of #thefallissue if I tried. From our next-level @katebosworth cover shoot (with story written by yours truly) to the incredible, stoppable trend reports to the showstopping @lindaandwinks story (and so much more), I'm just over the moon. Congrats to the @cmg_inc team for your AMAZING work and please check out the issue ASAP. Link's in my bio! #katebosworth #lindarodin
"Treat your side hustle with the energy of your main hustle." One of the bits of (oddly worded, but true!) advice I shared on @theladygang's podcast. Am I full of it? Who knows! But one thing I know for sure is that our episode was pretty awesome. Link in bio if you want something to listen to on your way home, or wherever your final destination may take you. #motivationmonday #sidehustle #theladygang
So @jonathanleahy just asked me if we could have a secret tunnel or passage way in our new (hopefully soon-to-be-found) home. I immediately showed him this example: a #PeterPennoyer secret bookshelf door, which leads to a secret bar, and he was delighted. Marriage: we got this! #secretlibrary #secretdoor #turquoisedoor @peterpennoyerarchitects
Accurate photo of me trying to sneak bags onto the plane. See also: @kendalljenner at @MarcJacobs. Still thinking about that show quite a lot. Between the turbans and print-on-print mixing and and gloves and spangles and the silence, it's a lot to process, but I enjoyed. Did you guys see/like? #nyfw #marcjacobs #kendalljenner #turbans#newyorkfashionweek
The difference between being a nominee (serious) and the plus one (just delighted to get dressed up). So @jonathanleahy @manishraval @wolfe_tom didn't win for @girlshbo, and I'm FURIOUS, but trying to be a good sport. Why is being a good sport so hard? That said: so proud my husband was nominated for an Emmy for music supervision, and congrats to all of the other amazing nominees!
So I had the lovely opportunity to chat about work + life stuff with the incredible @theladygang ladies recently, and our podcast is now live! I talk about why you should treat your start-up business like a side hustle (but with the energy of a full hustle), how to deal with haters (props to @lenadunham), why you should take a tip from @kingjames the next time you need to negotiate a raise, and how @erikabearman + @oscardelarenta changed my life. If you need something for your next commute, hopefully this does the trick! Thank you @keltieknight @jacvanek and @becca for being so rad and having me on! Link in bio, or just check out the whole #LadyGang series on iTunes!
It feels weird posting about light things in our current political/world climate, but sometimes you find yourself on a long-awaited birthday trip, and sometimes that trip gives you moments of incredible beauty, like this stunner of a door @jonathanleahy happened upon randomly. And yes, it's a gate, not technically a door, but I like doors so I'm going with that. Anyway, I hope you like doors-dressed-as-gates situations, too. #doorsoftheworld #doorsofinstagram #virgoseason
Hell Posted: Sep 5, 2017 11:41 PM
52 Clarendon
Keep the kids. Deport the racists. (Starting with 45 and Sessions, please.) This sign sums up my feelings on this #DACA nightmare. Of all the things for the White House to fixate on right now, this should absolutely not be the issue. Shame. #defendDACA #dreamers #keepthekidsdeporttheracists
Good morning from the one of the Seven Sacred Pools. And yes, we are literally chasing waterfalls. #sevensacredpools #hana