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The sunset the other night when I needed it the most
Brought out the pink Lamborghini just to race with Chyna
Brought the Wraith to China just to race in China
Lil' bad trini bitch but she mixed with China
Real thick vagina, smuggle bricks to China (woo)
I tell all my niggas, (yo) cut the check (cut the check)
Buss it down, turn your goofy down, (down) pound
I'ma do splits on it, yes, splits on it, (splits) I'm a bad bitch, I'ma throw fits on it (fits)
I'ma bust it open, I'ma go stupid and be a ditz on it (ditz)
I don't date honey, (no?) cookie on tsunami (oh)
All my niggas wife me once they get that good punani (oh)
I think he need the panty, I might just let him find me
Never trust a big butt and a smile, word to Ronnie
Rep Queens like Supreme, ask Web and Nitty
Ask Bimmy and Joe, nigga run me my dough
Wrist game is freezing like it wait in the cold
Nickname is Nicki but my name ain't Nicole
Wow another year has gone by, I like to think of my birthday as my own personal new year and #Reflect on what I have accomplished this past year, I have definitely learned and taught friends/family some of life's more Important lessons, although I have a lot to learn I am Thankful for all of the people that I am blessed are part of my life. Only 4 more years til age 30 😬 awww
Remeber to alwAys stop and sell the roses. Or smell them lol
Find balance in every thing you do, even in your thoughts
After work meditation cliff rock balancing I dab on these thots #i💜NYC #SockGameOnPoint
When you Have best bro in the world, thank you for being there @lorenzo_j_garcia since day one! I know we may fight sometimes but I know we'll be there for each other. #number 1ChicanosBro #brosforlife #brosbeforehoes