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zombiejp 276w ago
Look what came in the mail from @beckycloonan! I can't wait to read this.

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I attempted to jazz up $.25 ramen with a soft-boiled egg and it wasn’t a complete disaster.
Can’t wait to dive into this Thing puzzle put out by @mondotees and @projectraygun with stunning art by @justinericksonart.
I wish I was returning to Connecticut for a happier visit, but it's always nice to see my family. Here's a photo of me and my old man.
Attempting a full-length movie with the boy. #Oll-E
Thanos is pretty excited about the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Steelbook.
One second of every day in the month of July. This month's seconds include a trip to CT and a birthday party for a metal plate. #onesecondeveryday
This little dude was an excellent investment of time and money. #Lego #Brickheadz
There's something kind of surreal about taking my son to the same carnival I went to as a kid.
35 years ago The Thing was released in theaters. It's been a favorite of mine since I stumbled upon it on an 8th grade field trip. This is my submission to @mondotees and @projectraygun's #InfectionAtOutpost31 contest. This is my photo with ‘someone I don't trust.’ Yep. It's my toddler. #Thing35
One second of every day in the month of June. Lots of guest appearances and travel this month. #onesecondeveryday