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My view right now! #nofilter

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I either wear bright colors or all black ✔️ (links to shop this look on my Insta Stories) #ootd
After wearing sweats all week, I'm finally feeling like myself tonight! Haven't worked out in two weeks and I lost weight 💃🏻#ootn (link to buy booties on my Insta Stories)
They say, if you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room. And today I was in the perfect room! To be surrounded by some of the top Latino business owners in the country is beyond inspiring! I can't even tell you how happy and excited I am to be part of this amazing program @lban.insta @stanford! Feeling very blessed and thankful! #Stanford #latina #business
Woke up missing Jamaica but also feeling blessed that I wake up every day and I get to do what I love! (Took pic at 7 am before eating lol) 🌴☀️🇯🇲 #tbt #beach #playa #jamaica
Some people will inspire you, they will make you want to better yourself, they will make you feel like you can conquer the world and more. I had never really considered going back to school before I met him, but seeing him work so hard, gave me a new perspective about school and life in general. I tend not to listen much, but with him it was different, he lead by example and that was enough. So, when I found out about this program at @lban.insta @stanford I felt I needed to be part of it! And even though my business did not meet all the requirements I went ahead and applied, I thought I had nothing to lose. It helped that he believed in me so much and said I could do it! I waited two longs month when I got an e-mail saying "Congratulations you have been accepted to the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Education Scaling Program" ... when I read it I could not stop crying. In a matter of seconds after I got the e-mail, I remembered not speaking English when we came to this country and all the sacrifices my parents had to make. Imagine moving to another country in your teens and leaving everything behind. When I got that e-mail everything I've gone through made sense!!! Against all odds I got in. I thank God for blessing me once again. He knew how much I wanted this. I also thank God for putting the person, that inspired me to go back to school, in my life! Last but not least I want to thank my family, my best friends, Milly and Kim and the other two people that were key in making this happen (you know who you are). I'm so happy and excited to start a new chapter and I KNOW this will change my life. Remember to follow your dreams no matter how far off they seem .... don't ever give up. If I, Flor, who didn't speak English and was in ESL classes can do it, so can you! Flor goes back to school!!!! Thank you @lban.insta for giving me a chance and believing in me, I won't disappoint you! #myshoelineisnext #stanford #latina #business
She loves to party (not that kinda of party) , have a good time ... she looks so hearty, feelin' fine ... she loves to model up in the latest fashion ... she's in the scramble and she moves with passion ... 🌴☀️🇯🇲✌🏽 #FlorinJamaica #ootd