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Here are some flowers I made for my friend @amyfebinger this weekend. Thanks for always trusting me Amy, and for the wine, and for letting me take centerpieces to the shore where they NEVER fall over in the sand. Ever. Until next time, #bourgeonbybeach ✌️😘❤️
‘Setaria viridis’ aka Foxtail grass aka one of my most favorite weeds. I’ve seen this beautiful fuzzy grass in China, Tuscany, Japan, back home on the farm in Washington, in vacant lots in Brooklyn, in the Ukraine thanks to @jenyaflowers, in Switzerland in the hands of @zoehili, and today on the sidewalk in Rockaway Beach. This is what I love so much about learning to identify plants - once you know them by name, every time you see them anywhere in the world it’s like saying hello to an old friend.
Video from a spring day I spent climbing around the rocks looking for wildflowers and humming Tom Petty just to myself. Obviously there are bigger and badder things out there to concern ourselves with right now, but I do believe we need beauty bringers and feeling makers more than ever. Thank you and goodbye 🎶🌼🎶
What are likely my last mixed bouquets of the season will be at the @sjifarmersmarket today💕
My last little ‘Koko Loko’ in the rain today. She got about three inches tall and then bloomed her heart out.
Stunning student work from yesterday's class with @turtlebackfolkschool. Special thanks to @somebodylikessomething and @weekendflowers for coming all the way down from Vancouver 🇨🇦! And thanks to everyone, near and far, for making the journey and being so fun and friendly and brilliant 🌞💐❤️
A sneak peek at the materials for tomorrow's workshop at Turtleback Folk School, all harvested today by yours truly from the farm. Can't wait to share the bounty 🍂🌾🤗🌾🍂
Labyrinth - everyone's fave for a reason 💓
In love with a little French marigold this morning.
Breakfast in my beautiful @kanalondon dish, a gift from Tuscany (her & the bowl)
19 days and 5,500 miles away and I'm still thinking a lot about this place and this time and the people I spent it with. Two months is a blink and a lifetime.
Another weekend working for my favorite samurai's apprentice @hollymcarlisle in our old stomping grounds. L🌸ve you Queen #rosegoldenflowers
Right before the ants came for me 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜
These cuties and I are sending out a big thank you to everyone who signed up for my workshop at Turtleback Folk School! The class is now sold out ❤️Can't wait to see some familiar faces, meet some new ones, and make some beautiful fall flowers together.
It was an honor helping @sarah_winward 's magnificent vision come to life this weekend. Thank you for having me Sarah, and thank you to the whole amazing crew! So grateful to be back at it 🌹⚔️🌹
*CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT!* I'm VERY excited to share that I will be teaching a flower arranging class at Turtleback Folk School on Orcas Island, WA Sunday September 24th! Come celebrate the colors, textures and abundance of early fall, play with flowers from my farm, have tea and talk about growing your own 🌺🌸🌼 In keeping with the spirit of the Folk School this will be a casual, fun and affordable afternoon of creating and learning. There's a link in my profile with more information about the class and how to sign up. Hope to see you there! ☺️💓👩‍🌾