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  Posted: Jun 29, 2012 8:00 PM FEED
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Family portraits with my loves 💜💜💜
Posted: Sep 7, 2017 9:07 PM
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This is bittersweet for me to announce (because I'll miss Trisha and all she has done) but I have been offered and accepted NAMIs @nami_hawaii (national alliance on mental illness) program manager position. I'm incredibly stoked for this opportunity and look forward to working for a community that is fighting for the same thing I am.
I came across NAMI during a frantic Google search. I just had an interaction with my mom who suffers from bipolar disorder. It was another instance of words she didn't mean. I knew she didn't mean it but it didn't stop the sting. I didn't know how to fully separate the disease from the person and I was suffering myself. I found NAMIs support groups and started attending. It was there i felt support and found other people who understood and had been through what I was currently going through. I also found education and tools. It was still extremely hard but all of a sudden I wasn't alone and I was opened up to a community I had no idea existed. Soon after that I started fundraising and attending the walks. I even attended one in North Carolina and took the girls I was nannying. I also attended a kick off events in Florida. When I returned home I knew I wanted to get involved again and volunteered for the walk committee. I loved it and soon after I served on NAMI's board of directors and now I'll start as program manager.
I have big shoes to fill as I know Trisha has been amazing and laid down an incredible foundation for me to continue to grow. So thankful for her...and Kumi and what they have done for all of us because we are all in this together. Come stomp out stigma with us at the walk: Be on the scene October 14.

On the way home it finally hit me, this is where I am and I love where it is going. I was so filled with joy a few tears came ready for the good things to come, so ready I'll take the struggles too. 💚💙💜 #nami #namiwalks #ptsd #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #namihawaii #stompoutstigma #bipolardisorder #mentalillness #hawaii #october14 #honoluluhale #jeffrasmussen #sistahrobi
Here's to new friends that don't speak the same language as you. New friends that test your limits and expand your boundaries. New friends that force you to think outside of the box to explain things when they don't understand. Thanks for helping me grow. You are a gift to me 💙💜💚 @etsuko4444 @redmahan
#newfriends #language #luckywelivehi #getHIfloatwise #tanksah #hilife #beach #shadesofblue #leleboy #dogsofinstagram
Happy birthday @kealewiseman love you oh so much. Wishing you a year where you stay centered and grounded and a year that gives you clarity. #brother @wethewisemans 📸@redmahan
On my way home from the float conference, meeting Niv's brother, and seeing my most precious friend and sister @carisa.coe I am so filled up. Filled up with love and knowledge and motivation. Filled up with good talks and hugs and new friends. And now I feel present. Present as to what will happen next. Aware of the choices in front of me and the understanding of where those choices will take me.
Also unbelievably stoked to see my Lele boy and go for a float to cleanse my brain and process all that I've learned (also cure my jet lag and release the tension of all my traveling muscles) @floatwise #getHIfloatwise
#floatcon #floatconference 📸@redmahan
Vulnerable. Being vulnerable to me means being present. Giving yourself permission to be right here in the deep now. When you're in the deep now you're stripped of all your future and past worries and you're you, beautifully you without any layers. When you're present you are aware, and when you are aware you can understand. When you understand you are in control. You control the reality in the deep now by the way you react to it. When you're vulnerable you are you in your purest form. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and see the magic that comes out of it. 📸 @redmahan
Hey guys, we're in Minnesota/Wisconsin. What is life. Next stop: float conference #floatcon #getHIfloatwise #tanksah #nivi
Happy birthday to the man who holds the space and believes in me to create images like this. I would not be who I am without you @redmahan wishing you a year filled with laughs (and marshmallows to the head😉)
The ocean makes me feel vulnerable. It shows me how big this world really is...
Love this man and the life I have with him🍃🍃🍃🦄🦇
It's not until you lose track of time that the now unfolds in all its prime. 📸@redmahan @nanihawaiidesign
Do you want to know how to hold space? 🌌I'm not going to give you some sappy radiate love💕 answer. That may be part of the answer but it isn't THE answer. It's not thinking you can push yourself onto another person. They are their own selves, there cannot be two of you or them. People are scared of the real answer. The real answer is hard and scary and seems so far away, but it's worth it. So how do you hold the space?👩🏿‍🚀 You do the work. That's the answer. By doing the work you take back control over yourself and how you view or react to things. By doing the work you change your interaction with other people causing a reaction for them to interact differently with you. By doing the work you create an energy shift and in turn change the world. By doing the work you are powerful. By doing the work you are magic. By doing the work you learn to hold the space. You learn to understand and then you can radiate love. 💗

Work. 👊

It's hard it's scary it's intense, you gotta roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. It's not easy, it's hard as hell. Some days you don't want to continue, but you push on. You keep doing the work so that you can hold the space for others to do the same. You do the work and you change the world. 🌏

And so I do the work, and get in the tank 🌙🌙🌙🔮 @floatwise
#getHIfloatwise #tanksah #bookafloat
In the tank I let go of all the layers that are not me. In there I meet my authentic self, not afraid of showing up and getting down to business. I let go of the future and extend an invite to the deep now. When you are in touch with your authentic self the anxiety and stress of the world slips away. And you realize that there is no one as authentic as you. #meetmethere #getHIfloatwise #tanksah #bookafloat @floatwise 📸 @redmahan
One of the few good things that came out of Oceans in Glass. 10 years strong. Love these people. @xxlostsheepxx @paulakwolcott
Alright, you wanna get weird, let's get weird. Normal is boring. I'm a pro weirdo. #embracetheweird #doyou #acroyoga #acroyogafun
Stepping further into me today. Letting go and reframing with the support of each other and the elements. Woah 🍃🍃🍃🦄 #getHIfloatwise #tanksah 📸 @redmahan 🥁🥁🥁📡