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  Posted: Jun 29, 2012 7:18 PM FEED
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Happy birthday to the bestest friend anyone can ever ask for!! Lord knows our friendship hasn’t been perfect but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world and surprisingly with our attitudes we’ve only really fought twice like real bad lol that’s impressive! Even though the fights made us not talk for a year and some change! 😂😂🙄 But we picked right up where we left off! I’m grateful this devil child was born and put in my life at victory elementary! We’ve been there for each other at our lowest n our highest! We have no filter and are as honest as can be! And that is why she is my best friend! Because she’ll be painfully honest and I’ll never sugar coat life! Forever n ever til death do us part!! I can’t wait to squeeze u again!! I know ur getting spoiled cuz ur the devil n James gives u all u want 😂😂 may god continue blessing u n keep u healthy for a million more years by my side booty! I love u more than I can ever express!! Happy birthday beautiful 💞 #thasmybesfraaan #happybirthday #mybooty #myrock #bffs #sisters #bitchyoureold #stillcutetho #iloveyou #forever
Because this is too fly to not post!! 😂😂 I swear I used to be cool.. idk what happened?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #fbf #babymichelle #alwaysfitted #thanksmom #ineedthisoutfitagain
Words can't describe how absolutely happy I am for one of the most important persons in my life!!!!! My best friend.. my sister.. my rock.. Iliana and her official husband James aka peaches!!! After 12 years of love, tears, fight, laughter, ups down, good, bad and everything in between and they've finally fucked up n made it legal 🙄🙄😂 jk I'm blessed to be able to say I've been there from the beginning and I've seen you both grow together!! From when I would tell Iliana to let this bum go cuz he wasn't worth it to loving the hell out of him and telling her how blessed she is to have a man who's been able to tolerate her annoying loud ass 😂 It breaks my heart that I've missed such an amazing and special day but I'll be around for your happily ever after.. since I'll be forever alone and y'all r adopting me n my 20 dogs 😩😂 y'all ain't getting rid of me everrrrrrr!! No relationship is perfect, but Ive always envied what you guys have! I can only hope to someday find a love like yours.. as honest, open, loving, funny and caring! May your love for one another only strengthen as the years pass! And you guys continue to live happily ever after!! I love you all three of you more than I can ever express ❤️
Posted: Oct 1, 2017 6:26 PM
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And she always had a way with her brokenness. She would take her pieces and make them beautiful #rmdrake
One of the best experiences everrrrrrr!!!! Colombia vs Brazil soccer game 🇨🇴🇧🇷⚽️
Ver a mi familia fue lo mejor de este viaje!!!! Los amo con toda mi alma!!!!
My trip was cut short but it was great while it lasted!!!
I asked this hoe what my life would be without her!! 😂😂 can't stand her most of the time lmfao #gobessfreeen #thassmybessfreennn I love u estupida 💞
I want to wish a very happy and special birthday to one of the best friends anyone could ask for! I'm beyond proud of the woman you've become and such an amazing mother to beautiful baby Leah!! I'm grateful for what we have and I know the distance has made it difficult to keep in touch as often as I'd like but I know our friendship will always be in tact no matter how often we talk! We pick up right where we left off!! Since elementary til we r old n wrinkly viejitas dancing to everything 😂😂 I love u so much Mari!!!!! Happy birthday! May ur day be as special as can be and u get spoiled like u deserve! God bless u always! #g5 #sinceelementary #ranchislife #mydancepartnerforlife #17yearsstrong #friendsforever #birthdaygirl
I wanna wish this dime piece a very happy and amazing birthday!! My life would suck and be incomplete without u! Thank u for being the amazing person, sister, cousin, mother, niece, friend and everything that u are to all of us! I love u and ur amazing cooking forever and ever hahaha may god continue blessing u for a million more years! I wish I could be there to spoil u like u deserve 😩 but hopefully someday soon I can make up for my time gone! I love u more than I can ever express sistah!! Hope u have the best birthday yet to come!! Te amoooo y te extraño muchísimo!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo 😍❤️😘👯🎂🍻🎊🎉🎁🎈
I want to take the time to wish the love of my life.. the one that will never break my heart.. a very special and happy birthday!! The day u were born was the day my life was complete!! Well that was way before we knew Jazz was gonna come n realized we could someday have babies too 😂 words can't describe how much I love u n what u mean to me! And u may not think or believe it but knowing u looked up to me kept me on the straight n narrow.. kinda haha jk
You r one of the greatest gifts god has given me and I can't say enough how proud I am of the young man you've become!! I hope u have one of the best birthdays yet to come! May god continue blessing u with a million more happy n healthy birthday! May u get spoiled left and right! U deserve all the great this world has to offer!! Happy birthday papi! Te amooooo mi bebe hermoso precioso!! Mi todo! Dios te bendiga hoy y siempre!! 🎂🍻🎊🎉🎁🎈
Posted: May 15, 2017 1:44 AM
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Sin ellas mi vida no tiene propósito! Son la razón por la q me levanto todas las mañanas y lucho por un futuro mejor! Son mi energía.. mi luz.. Mi todo!! Nunca tuve padre pero mi dios me dio a cuatro madres y una prima q consideró mi hermana! Y para q más? Ellas me han dado absolutamente todo y más en esta vida! Me han cuidado.. contemplado.. aconsejado.. alcahueteado.. apoyado y más importante me han dado el ejemplo de lo q es ser madre! Solo le pido a dios q yo algún día pueda ser para mi bebe lo q ellas han sido para mí!! Nunca habrá suficiente forma ni palabras para demostrar mi agradecimiento y mi amor a las reinas de mi vida! Feliz dia de la madre a las más importantes de mi vida! Dios la bendiga y cuide siempre ❤️
Posted: Feb 18, 2017 4:15 PM
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I can't believe today marks 10 years since u left us!! My oh my how time passes by! But no matter how many days weeks months years pass, u will forever be one of my greatest and toughest memories! U will forever be a part of me!! I love u and I will always miss u Randy!! #restinparadise
Happy birthday to this little big ray of sunshine!!!! Words can't describe how grateful I am to have met such a wonderful person in such a shitty place hahahaha thank u for being so amazing inside and out.. I love u so much!!!! May god continue blessing u with a million more wonderful years!! I wish I could be there with u to spoil u but we will meet again n make up for the time apart!!!! Happy birthday honey!!!! Enjoy ur special day!!! 💜🎂🎊🎉🎁🎈