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Had a shit day so I made an impulse decision... and I LOVE IT.
My October @ipsy bag!! I love the little bat zipper! So cute🥀🦇🖤.
•💀•@itcosmetics bye bye pores pressed finishing powder•
•🎃•@tonymoly.us_official peach hand cream 🍑•
•🕷•@heyhoney trick & treat active propolis concealer•
•👻•@smashboxcosmetics photo finish lid primer•
•⚰️•@skinvolve peppermint Phoenician secret scrub for body•
(Pillow is from Michaels @michaelsstores)
Window 2! I love my tombstone 😁⚰️🖤🥀
Window 1! 🥀📚💀⚰️🐀I wish it photographed better because it looks so bomb in person.
FINALLY starting to plan our Disney trip. By the time we go, it will be 4 years worth of planning and saving. Im so excited that it's actually becoming real!!!!
My @ipsy bag this month. 🖤 I love it!! ❤️🖤If anyone wants to join, lemme know and I'll send you my code! It's only $10/mo and you can skip whenever you want! 🖤❤️
▪️Blush: "BeachRose" by Pix! by Petra
▪️Shadow: "Toasted" by Elizabeth Mott- Pop! Goes the Shadow
▪️Mascara: Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte
▪️Primer: Radiance Photo Finish Foundation Primer w/ Hyaluronic Acid by Smashbox Cosmetics
▪️Face Mask: Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask by Skin Food.
Book 1 is mostly done. I need to get a darker paint to do the cover and get black or more gold paint to write a title, but other than that, it has been destroyed to my liking 👌🏼
DIY Halloween 2017 has begun. 🎃😈👻⛓🥀☠️⚰️🍁⚗️🦇🕷💀
Oscar & I couldn't buy most of the decorations we wanted to from Target, and Michaels is too expensive sadly, so we decided to thrift it and do most of it it ourselves. Each window is gonna have a different room theme. I bought some vintage books with nice age already and some more modern books that I'm gonna artificially age and beat up (maybe even burn 🔥) for our Haunted Library window. Then the Candelabras are going to get aged, painted, and candled and go in each window. We already have the 2 scaredy cats, so it's gonna be perfect. So excited!
🦄 Unicorns do exist. And apparently they like Nightmare Before Christmas.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Scroll. My brother is something else
I just got a call from the weirdest number... I didn't answer it but they left me a 2 minute voice mail of just some rustling in the background and otherwise complete silence.... 😳
His smile couldn't be any brighter after finding a Mei pin, a Trick-or-treat plushie, and a Lucio poster 😁
He went with me to Trace Adkins so I went with him to Chico-Con