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It's been 10 months since Layla first step into a gymnastics place. Mostly learning moves from youtube, she has come into her own as a intermediate gymnast. And she told me that this is what she wants to do, I told her "if you're serious, then I'll be there supporting you all the way". She still have lots to learn but also learned alot in her time at the gymnastic club. I also took the time to take her to Sunday clinics for bars and floor which i pay for (not included in monthly tuition and this is her 3rd Sunday participating). I told her after today, "don't be disappointed if you can't do the move, that's why we're here. Practice til you get it and keep doing it til its perfect". #gymnast #gymnastics #laylarose
Haven't posted anything as I was sick with the sore throat and cough. So I'm just gonna post up what my familia ate this past Sunday after church #streetcartfries #spitz #pitastrips #yummy #lunch #foodporn
Happy Friday!! Another #squat workout!! My bw is 177 though I'm getting stronger and this set was more on the speed side. This was probably my 4 set of about 9 with the top set being 275lbs for 1. #legday #fitness #strengthtraining #livestrong
“Even if kids don’t love gymnastics, if they start at any age with some classes, they can learn so many different things — they can build a lot of character, strength, flexibility, and courage. Hopefully, they can also develop a sense of fearlessness.” #laylarose #gymnastinthemaking #trainhard #gymnastics #gymnasticslife
Layla's school portrait! My one and only munchkin is grown up here. Love my little 5th grader ❤️❤️ #5thgrade #portrait
Not that long ago, I used to buy Layla Jordan shoes. Always thinking that it was awesome that she wore Js because I never had any of that when I was her age. But realizing now that it is more on being comfortable than being stylish. To be honest Js look cool but tend to be heavy and Layla always drags the heel of her shoes. So I just get her whatever is fits her and that she can use for her PE time at school. As for this year I may have used money on her but it's more on life experiences than material things. And some may say that I took her to places that I wanted to go but it's about her saying that she got to witness it even if it might be her first and only time in her life and if I wanted to I would of gone by myself (which is boring). Like i mentioned before, she might not understand the experience right now but if I have to do it a thousand times, I would. Anything for my little munchkin.
Note: She no longer has these shoes or hat. She outgrew her kicks and she misplaced the hat lol. #flashbackfriday #flashback #fbf #experienceoverthings
#squats again for the 3rd time in 5-6 days. My stance has gotten wider, alot different than my previous one (I'm able to push my knees out more) but problem is I still can't decide which one I'm gonna stick to, lol. It's ok, I was able to hit 225lbs for 8 which I haven't done in a while. #24hourfitness #fitness #legday
A clip of @itsmebayley entrance from #wweontario . My little munchkin's (also mine) first wwe experience with her highlight being able to see Bayley wrestle live. #wwe #womenwrestling #bayley
This arena hosted it's first ever #wweraw event, it was also our first ever wrestling event. Ive always watched it before on television but never got to experience it live til yesterday. Imo the crowd was awesome (alot louder than on tv). Excitement came out from Layla when she heard Bayley's music (probably the only wrestler she knows atm). I been on and off with wrestling for 15 years because of course I gotten alot older but the experience made me feeling like a little kid again. Thank you @wwe . #wweontario #wwe
I couldn't get a good video of her because this was after going through a 2 1/2 hours clinic of floor and bars, so by this time she was pretty tired. Layla also asked for some new clothing for gymnastics as she saw a gymnast wore them. So I supplied her with #nike tops and shorts. #gymnastics #nikepro
15 minute warm ups with the hip circle band, it helps as I was able to hit 255lbs for an easy one. Health wise, I been alright. Got my blood work done by my employer which measured normal except for little categories from my cbc but the major was my BMI, they measured it at 30% body fat LOL. I'm at a heavy 175lbs, for sure I'll get back into my weight loss as soon as I feel that my body can take it, because everytime I hit 160-165lbs, my body tends to feel weird. #squats #legday #24hourfitness #fitness
Omg! This was middle school picture! The time I used styling gel to hold my hair up. I started breaking out with pimples lol and my love for basketball has started, always trying to play like my favorite nba player MJ. I came a long way since then. Miss those school days. #middleschool #pictureday #flashbackfriday #flashback #wheniwasadork
Another #throwback , so young I couldn't even fix my hair for #pictureday . This picture was taken in 2nd grade. #elementary #tbt #throwbackthursday
#throwback to when Layla saw the #goldengatebridge for the first time. Very cold around 5am and we got there alittle after #sunrise . #sanfrancisco #throwbackthursday #laylarose