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Love receiving packages from @katespadeny bc they're always SO pretty!

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Still on a high after teaching this month’s @risingtidesociety’s #TuesdayTogether group about business and goal planning for 2018. Excited to see these creative entrepreneurs taking the next step to move forward in their businesses.
I was never a “girl power”, feminist type of woman growing up. I believed I could do anything any male or female could do, so why differentiate. However, the more the world has changed, the more I’ve tapped into my feminine power (thank you @femininemastery) and the more I’ve experienced on my journey as a mom and entrepreneur, I have seen a stronger need for human interaction, connection, collaboration and support among women... AND especially among other ambitious, smart business moms who understand both the demands and scheduling challenges that come with being an entrepreneur/executive and mom.⠀

I’m not sure where this is going, but I just want give a big high five 🙌🏼 to all the moms out there working hard in their business and in their family. ⠀

If it takes a village to raise a child, I can’t even imagine what a village of moms could build!⠀

{🖋 @jennakutcher}
"People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully." ~Steve Jobs⠀

On the blog today I wrote about how to say NO and how to focus on what to say yes to. Check it out! {link in profile}
"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful." ~Margaret J. Wheatley⠀

Reflection is a crucial part of grounding ourselves in reality. It helps us gain perspective on what we've accomplished, what worked, what didn't work, and what we should keep doing to improve, grow and get better as a person and in business. ⠀

As an entrepreneur we don't receive performance reviews, so the best way to keep improving and gain clarity on the future is to reflect on the past, make changes and create a plan for moving forward.⠀

As Q3 come to a close, I'm planning on sitting down with my journal, reflecting on the past 90-ish days and everything that has happened (which includes finally launching my new business and committing to it 100%) and recalibrating my goals for Q4.⠀

What do you do at the end of each quarter for your business?
Sometimes you just have to step back for a moment and enjoy the little things in life... like ice cream and afternoons with a 2-year old! #ChaseOliver you melt my heart. 😍 #mommydate #haircutneeded #pawpatrolchase #GerberPhotoSearch2017
In SoCal there really aren't real seasons, but today it actually feels crisp and cool. Looks like fall is actually here. Happy Saturday! #ilovefall🍁
Happy Fall! Seriously, where has 2017 gone?!? The start of fall for me always indicates a time to start planning for the next year. But what? It's not even Q4 yet! ⠀

Well... before you know it January 1st will be here and you'll already be too late to start setting goals for 2018 and Q1. I believe "October is the new January." Use this time to start planning for 2018. ⠀

Super excited to be speaking/teaching at the next @risingtidesociety Tuesdays Together South Bay-LA's meeting on business planning.
I feel so #basic, but I just bought about 20 pumpkin related items at Trader Joe's. I literally stock up every year on their gluten free pumpkin pancake mix and gluten free pumpkin bread and muffin mix (super sad they only had 2 boxes left). If you haven't tried them you have to!⠀

I love summer, but the arrival of everything pumpkin (and pumpkin spiced lattes) mean that the holidays are just around the corner!
Suns out... time to hit the pool! The hubby and I are enjoying a kid-free weekend away celebrating our anniversary. It's so weird to sleep in (until 9am) 😂 ⠀

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!
Listening to podcasts while driving (solo) helps me to educate whenever I'm in the car. Even if it's only a 20 minute drive (between pick up and drop off at school), I can spend 20 minutes learning new content instead of listening to annoying radio commercials. ⠀

A few of my favorites are...⠀
1. Being Boss by @beingbossclub
2. The Tim Ferris Show by @timferriss
3. Pursuit with Purpose by @melyssa_griffin
4. The Goal Digger by @jennakutcher

What are some of yours? 🎙🎧
Some Monday inspiration to kick this week into gear! I'm learning to say NO to a lot recently in order to prioritize what is important to me. It's hard for me to say NO, but each time I do, I feel a little bit of relief in knowing I'm working toward the right goals and not getting distracted by #allthethings. ⠀

Also, Warren Buffet is probably the smartest man alive... I'm starting to sound like my dad who's obsessed with him 😂
One of my true passions in life is helping other people in a way I know I can make an impact. Whether it's through volunteer work, mentoring other entrepreneurs and high school students, or working alongside other intelligent, ambitious people, I love sharing my knowledge, solving problems, inspiring others, and networking and connecting people.⠀

Over a year ago, I knew in my gut and my heart that I wasn't meant to be an event planner or a 9-5 corporate employee. While I found success in most of my jobs, I didn't feel like what I was doing had a greater purpose. Instead, I felt destined to create something (I didn't know what) that could impact hundreds of others. Through the last year of self-discovery, thousands of dollars in online courses and lots of late night conversations (Mike - thank you for losing sleep to endure my rambling thoughts), I decided to go all-in.⠀

Today, I am excited to OFFICIALLY LAUNCH my new company & website:

I mentioned before, I will be doing business strategy coaching and consulting for female entrepreneurs - especially mompreneurs and creative entrepreneurs - who want to elevate their business to the next level. I have so many different ideas on how I want to make this happen and how I want to build a community for mompreneurs (and even a physical local community), but for now, I am starting by offering a 1 on 1 coaching + consulting program. If you know anyone who might be interested, please feel free to share!
Being out of the office for almost 2 weeks has put me super behind! This week's goal is just to play catch up! Before I start the week, I like to map out all the important projects, what goals they are linked to and the individual to do's so that I can create a priority matrix on what to accomplish. I ❤️ project management!⠀

My top 3 important projects for the week both personal & work:⠀
1. Wedding this Friday - must get all info to all vendors⠀

2. Website - I'm about to hit "make public" on my new website! I already switched over my event planning company to, but my new business coaching + consulting site will be live (hopefully) tomorrow!⠀

3. Home Remodel - trying to get all the rough-in done for inspection at the end of week
I can't reiterate how important your HEALTH is as a business owner, mom, wife, friend, etc... I've been MIA the last week because after our crazy move (we just moved out of our house, but our new house isn't ready yet so we're "in transition" for a couple months), I fell extremely ill. A mixture of exhaustion, dehydration and then once my body hit rock bottom I got a stomach virus and fever.

During the last week the number of e-mails piled up, phone calls, work to-dos, etc... more stress added to my exhaustion. So I just shut it all off and slept. I must have slept for more hours in the last 4 days than I have in the last 2 weeks. Although I couldn't keep anything in, my body was telling me to STOP.
It's nearly impossible for me to do nothing... but I have to respond to this e-mail, I have to go to the store, I have to play with my son, I feel guilty missing this event, etc... but my body said NO WAY, JUST STOP.

Stopping and resting is something every entrepreneur should put into their schedule. Your business most of the time relies on YOU, so without a healthy functioning you, there is no business. We always are go go go... more things to work on, more people to talk to, more sales to hit, but sometimes we need to just stop. So on this Thursday, make it a goal that this weekend you disconnect, stop, and rest. Your business will still be there on Monday (I promise).
😂 that's about all I got right now... the delirium has set in after days of packing, not sleeping, running after a 2 year old and moving to 3 different locations.

Lesson learned: Never sell your house before construction is finished on your next place!!! Construction always takes twice as long 😰 #ilovehashtags
Finally a wedding-free weekend... but we're still up by 7am because that's what happens when you have a kid 😂 In need of a large cup of coffee to get me through the next week of packing and moving. ☕️ Makes me sad that today is the last Saturday I'll ever wake up in our house. 😢
Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster, but one of those fun ones that you get off and you want to go right back on (not like Space Mountain at Disneyland that takes you round and round and after you have vertigo and need to lay down - at least that's what happens to me!). It is a challenging lifestyle because it requires you to have discipline, focus, a strong mindset and to be a self-starter. There's no one giving you performance reviews, no promotion to strive toward, no safety net, and no steady paycheck.

However, it's also one of the more rewarding lifestyles if you get it right! Having the flexibility to spend the day with your kid, have a 2 hour lunch with your mom, or decide to take a last minute trip is priceless!
Not everyone is cut out though to be an entrepreneur - just like I wasn't cut out to be a doctor, but if it is the life you want to lead then jump on in! 👏🏼 {📷 @jennakutcher}
Putting together kitchen inspiration for our new kitchen. Despite loving gold accents, I'm starting to think the trend is dying and I'm loving black & white. Debating on going the black / oil rubbed bronze route for all my fixtures and hardware with a dark grey / blue island like this design by @kristinacrestindesign. Too dark?
One year ago exactly, I posted that I was starting something new. I announced to the world, then did nothing. I sat on the idea for literally a year. Well all that changes today! I'm saying good-bye to perfection - read about it today on the blog:⠀

I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I’m putting it out to the world that I’m launching a business strategy consulting and coaching firm focused on helping female entrepreneurs, especially mompreneurs, launch, build and elevate their businesses through tailored strategy, solid frameworks, and an emphasis on bite sized executable steps.⠀

To start, I am offering a 1-on-1 business consulting + coaching program tailored to the launch & start-up stages of new businesses. My goal is to help entrepreneurs develop the right strategies and mindset to launch their next venture efficiently and economically, so they can get out on the “field of play” today!⠀
{🖋 @laracasey / @cultivatewhatmatters}
I finally did it! I wrote my "first" blog post after 2 years. While it's just a saying hello again, I have much more in store. I've been waiting and waiting to have time to redesign and relaunch my website, but I thought, why wait and instead just start now. So hello everyone... I'm back!