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Today I found out that I've been running in shoes that were 1.5 sizes too small... ouch! Thank you @brooklynrunningco for setting me up with some new kicks! Ready for half #2 in 2 weeks!
Remembering so many amazing memories in St. Martin 😢
Happy 3rd Birthday Goose! And thank you @shastabrander for the snazzy new birthday sweater!
#tbt to when I showed @brukesabc a picture of a wedding dress I liked and he started singing "Flight of the Valkyries" #truelove #saidnotothedress
Today I taught everyone how to play Hey Cow. 1. Spot a group of cows as you're driving 2. Scream "HEY COW" as loud as you can 3. Count how many turn to look at you. Thank you @goodhurst for introducing me to this amazing game nearly 10 years ago - today was a good day. 👋🏻🐄
So lucky to have such a thoughtful friend in @beckysaag - kicking off my last few days of my 20s with some succulent buddies