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samo4prez 276w ago
Houston's skyline through the car window filter! #skyline #instagood

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I was interviewed for an incredible podcast “How Humans Change” on the changes throughout my life and career choices. The interview goes from my life in basketball to Rwanda to @quiksilver to China to Veritas Fashion to @praxislabs to starting @kammok to a trip to Africa with @lamarstockton and @helponenow to art! Link is in my profile! Tell me what you think!
Today, I took a step back in years as I watched the Golden State Warriors practice with our @jumpshotmovie team and spent some more time with Kevin Durant, someone who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite souls I have encountered. Watching them start out with full court 3 man weave, then 3 on 2 - 2 on 1, to 4 on 4 defensive shell drills. Took me back to my basketball days. I also got to hang out with one of my former college teammates yesterday here in Berkeley, CA and talk life and “Glory Days”. Some of my basketball hero’s hang in this facility, so today was a step back in time and memory. I can not wait to show everyone the film when it is released next year! We are overjoyed to have KD become a part of #KennySailors story! I can not thank my buddy @jacobryanhamilton for the opportunity to be a part of this project and to re-enter the basketball world again! Something that I dearly miss and have deep affection for.
“Can I hold you under with me?
Lately, it's a little bit hard
So breathe in deep
Let's float here for a while

Is it healing me or drowning me?
The more I live, the less I know
When we walked on water
We were perfect
Decided to go

Have I gone too far?
Lately, it's more than just a little bit hard
Cause I'm caught underwater breathing
Breathing is hard
Have I gone too far?
It's all I know
More than just a little bit hard
Caught in the undertow, reaching
It's pulling me down
Have I gone too far?
Can you reach me?
I've gone too far

Just a little bit helpless
Just a little bit helpless”

One of my favorite songs of all time- Underwater by The Violet Burning.
Artists to Follow #2- The collaboration between two of my favorite artists @shingookazaki and is one of my highlights in 2017 so far. The detail, texture, depth and emotion in their collaborative beauty has deeply moved me. Follow them , be inspired, and please share how their work inspires you with them. As artists we get comments thats are short and lack depth most of the time, lets change that as viewers. Be a voice for the work you love.
If you are looking for a brilliant artist to follow- who continues to strive for excellence and build his body of work- follow my friend @coreymason and be inspired daily. I am absolutely enamored by his work.
So excited that one of my childhood hero’s loved his ball! I had Chris Mullin posters, shirts, jersey’s, went to Run TMC games and even had the Mulli flat top freshly cut for every game! Still one of my favorite players of all time- that lefty release is a thing of beauty! Much love to my buddy @davidgoldberg13 for the opportunity!
Excited to have been asked to paint these basketballs for the 2017 Cal Ramsey Awards next week. It will be honoring “The Pearl” , @tspoon_11 , Bob McCullough and Bob Wolff. The dinner is at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine and will benefit Harlem Cultural Archives’ Cal Ramsey Scholarship Fund. The balls will be signed by @waltfrazier Chis Mullin, Kiki Vandeweghe and Kenny Albert. Amazing!
Leaving town for a week, but when I return home...I will be finishing the organizing of my new studio to get ready for East Austin Studio Tour in November!
Finding old favorites organizing the studio. Circa 2008.
"The Lines are Really Straight Keith." from my video series "My Heroes are Pixels." (Music by me).
Sad I had to miss the @printpressatx opening in Austin last night! Thanks to all who came out to the show! We have had some major things come up with our house we are renovating that have left @mandeclark and I broken and crushed in many ways. But we carry on and are moving past on the river of hope! This picture is the last painting I did 5 months ago before moving. Next week I am clearing space in my new studio to paint again! All of these things in life that get in our way and halt our dreams are only obstacles that we can choose to turn and walk away from or dominate head on. I choose the later! Onward towards the dreams my friends, do not give up, do not lose hope, conquer all that gets in your way. Tomorrow is a new day with a new light! Grab hold of it and live!
I will be showing a few pieces from my 2014 "Healing Wounds" series at the @printpressatx Opening on Thursday Sept 14th 6-9pm- East Side ATX on Caesar Chavez. This piece "Difficulty" will be on display with work by @kiahdensonart @vjngo_art @sarahfrankielinder @artofjeanpierre @jmuzacz @csgrayphoto @thepurplelime
I will be showing a few pieces from my 2014 "Healing Wounds" series at the @printpressatx Opening on Thursday Sept 14th 6-9pm- East Side ATX on Caesar Chavez. This piece "We are not Manufactured" will be on display with work by @kiahdensonart @vjngo_art @sarahfrankielinder @artofjeanpierre @jmuzacz @csgrayphoto @thepurplelime
"Ai, the Struggle to Be" from my new video series "My Hero's are Pixels".
Love this picture by Charles Davis Smith of the @mf.architecture "Add Subtract House" in Austin, TX- you can see my painting "tenshen" leaning in the bedroom through the windows on the right corner- as well as Mande Clark and I relaxing outside:)
"Hi JMB you don't know me, but....." from my new videos series "My Hero's are Pixels."
"Mark, you are Shaping Me." from my video series "My Hero's are Pixels."
"Diving Julian and the Schnabel" from my new video series "My Hero's are Pixels".
"Anselm in Shapes" from a new video series "My Heroes are Pixels.."