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stephshot 276w ago
Throw back Thursday #tbt #throwbackthursday me and Ashley Mandingleberry in North Carolina '06

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My favorite place to visit, one of the. Best cities in the USA. My heart 😥💔 there are just no words to describe all the emotions I have as I try picture in my head the many scenarios of this night. The thoughts are just incredibly emotional , i was at #mandalaybay last year at this time and picturing myself, my friends, family or someone I love being a victim of this is something hard to swallow.. Being at a festival this weekend hearing about this makes me immediately scared, sad, shocked plus a thousand other emotions. I just can't describe how sorry I am for all the souls we lost, people who had to witness and live through this horrific and traumatic experience, seeing loved ones die as well as well as seeing tons of people dropping all around .. and having no idea where it's coming from. Ugh all the emotions are too much for words. Thank you to all who have been helping, Sacrificed and risked their lives, volunteers, donators, .. this is truly scary and I am thinking about you #Vegas #lasvegas #lasvegasshooting #humanity #indarknessthereislight
#heletmeholdit #cavs #cavsnation #champions #clevelandcavaliers #cavaliers #cleveland #cle #clevelandcavs GoCabs! #lbj #2016champs🏆 crazy how I take for granted how lucky I am daily. Taking a minute to reflect that for a minute I was holding true #greatness #pride #struggle #hopes #dreams #blood #sweat and #tears along with big #W for Cleveland
Hard to believe I'm standing in snow right now and yesterday I was standing in the ocean 😫 take me back!
Really missing @ksueeder hard today. We just get each other. Were so similar and aren't afraid to tell each other advice even if we know we don't wanna hear it. I love you kolbz thanks for always being my shoulder to cry on, vent, sleep, FaceTime, lol thanks for cheering my whole world up. #distancecansuckmyballs #soulfriend #longdistancebffs
Happy happy birthday to my baby my bff the one girl I can talk to about anything and be 3000 miles away and still make me feel amazing! I love you and wish u nothing but happiness. Happy birthday @ksueeder xoxoxo #distancedoesntmatter #longdistancerelationship #longdistancebffs