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Porch time for a slow and sniffly kind of day.
“The church needs to stand up and be the compassionate force in culture today.” // @joshualtaylor__
I shouldn’t be trusted with decorating the porch for Fall. Girls gotta problem.
Earlier in my story, I said I get to teach little kiddos about the love of Jesus. Well, it’s quite actually the other way around. Usually, when I come into this adorable room once every month, I often feel a little stressed and underprepared. Usually, I feel my heart is in the wrong place and often think, “How am I supposed to teach God’s love to these sweet, but rambunctious kids when I don’t even feel it sometimes and when I doubt A LOT?!” I’m not cut out for this. I am so unworthy to do this. Yet, time and time again, those kids fill up this space. They giggle, they run around, they yell & scream sometimes out of joy and sometimes out of anger. They eat snacks and make animals noises. They listen and don’t listen all at the same time. Through all these moments of fun and bits of frustration, they remind me of our King. I may not physically run around with a toy in my hand and scream at the top of my lungs, but I am easily distracted, I do get angry and yell, I live so fast paced that I’m often not listening. God looks at me like I see those kids. He sees my heart as good like I see the precious little souls of those children. I don’t count their mistakes against them, I see how their corks and personalities make them so uniquely special. They are so cute, so adored, SO LOVED. They remind me that I’m a child of God too, and while I’m not perfect, I’m so abundantly loved.
Big dreams start with taking small baby steps. Thank you @camilie & @rxchicago for an amazing woodworking class. Next up, paint!
Holy yum. Today’s lunch pit stop was one for the books.
Needed some rainbow-mclovin today 🌈🤗 McDonald’s fries & two rainbows in the sky. That’s my kind of Saturday.
Daily lunch grind with dad. Planning our furniture market one lunch date at a time.
Flea market finds. Let the table making begin!
Some days it feels like you're just trying to stay afloat. Like your heavy heart is the only thing keeping you above water. Yet through the disappointment and sadness, the sun continues to shine. The light from the rays beam on your face. Hope is still present. He is still constant. Let that truth alone be a reason to praise. #ThroughTheWaves
Hallelujah. He has won the victory. Over our city of Chicago and over our world. Come praise His name and rejoice in His sweetness.
2303 N Greenview Ave. 7pm. Sunday, Sept 24th.
Join @beloved_chicago for a fall worship night. BYOB (Bring your own blanket). We'll have the snacks. He'll have the glory.
📸: @rachel_loewen
Darien, a nice place to live where I see 10+ people I know every time I go to Target & 5+ snakes on this trail.
When you go to work and your best friend stays at your house and has a photoshoot with your other best friend and sends you pictures during the day. 😭😭 im not crying
Obsessed with the greatest human on this planet. There's never a bad day with my mentor, bff, sister. My love for you goes beyond the skies! ☁️🍷💖💥