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sniequist 276w ago
View from le Pont Neuf, no filter. 'Magical' doesn't even come close.

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Adventures in #reddyville.
Not pictured: curry in the backyard & a walk to gelato, a puppy named Miles, a crash course in cricket & some of our favorite Aussies. :)
Thanks @vickiereddy & @markreddy1!
After some serious weekend-ing (for weeks on end, honestly), it’s time for something beyond cheese & cake. :) A go-to: lentils in broth with onions, tomatoes, peppers, a big spoon of Dijon & some ACV. Cozy x nourishing.
What a special moment for the @willowcreekcc family. This weekend my dad announced that next year he’ll retire from his role as Senior Pastor, & he announced @heatherjolarson as our Lead Pastor & @steveryancarter as our Lead Teaching Pastor. Heather & Steve are dear friends of ours, people of Godly character & great giftedness, people we love. Our family is, as ever, so grateful for Willow, & we believe wholeheartedly in its future. ❤️
LAAAAAST birthday activity.
I think he had an okay time. :)
Last night, just before cousins, cake, birthday-ing. :) Such a gift to have both our families celebrate our boys.
Henry wanted steak & grilled corn & raspberry sorbet. Mac wanted mac & cheese & tater tots & chocolate cake. We did not starve. :)
Boy Scout baked beans, about to go in their bacon basket.
YUM. I love how recipes come to us: one of my best friend’s brother-in-law is an Eagle Scout & he makes these over an open fire. @brannonanderson made them for us a couple years ago & now basically no party is complete without Boy Scout beans.
Basic recipe: alllll kinds of canned beans. Molasses, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, brown sugar, onions.
It all goes in the bacon basket (aka bacon-lined Dutch oven) in the oven at 350 for four hours, and then your house smells like heaven & people are magically very happy about everything. :)
SO SO excited to be here!
Slightly less excited about game delay & the fact that the second after I took this, they started putting out the tarp...:)
Tuesdays are book release days—my favorite days. :)
Today I’m cheering on @donmilleris & @darrenwhitehead, two friends we love! I’m so thankful for & proud of both Don & Darren—& Chris, too, of course—& the good work these pals are doing in the world.
H struck out the side!
So proud of this kid. ❤️⚾️
Henry Todd Niequist is ELEVEN!
Our firstborn is creative & kind & brave. Imaginative, intense, with a huge heart. A great baseball player & a fantastic boat captain. A killer storyteller & artist. He’s the anchor & recalibrator in our family—he pulls us closer, slows us down, reminds us what matters. Henry, being your mom is one of the greatest gifts of my life—happy birthday, my darling boy! ❤️
What are you saying YES to today?
We shape our lives by saying YES & NO.
Today I’m saying YES to connection, honesty, listening, learning. YES to possibility. YES to face-to-face and one-on-one.
I’m saying NO to fear of change & to using busy-ness as an escape or proving ground.
What are you saying YES and NO to today?