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  Posted: Jun 28, 2012 3:35 PM FEED
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Great visit to our client The Baltimore Sun this week in MD

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Just 48 hrs ago, I had the privilege of getting to know and running side by side with an amazing woman Adriane Blackman who hosted the @4k4charity run of 1,200 people in the Portland tech community. Her strength and grace in the face of tragedy is incredibly inspiring. Feeling lucky to meet meaningful people throughout my life. Photo credit: super talented @graham_eli
I love these entrepreneurs. Creating something from nothing and overcoming obstacles again and again.
Our best all company Retreat ever. @mattpopkes killed it on the drums and the @eroipdx band sound was tight. So good!
Awesome hike with some of the @eroipdx crew at Sahalie Falls in Central Oregon.
This week has been one of the best in a long time. I've gotten to spend 3 quality days connecting with and learning from my friend and mentor Dandapani as well as visit with friend Lou Radja. Feeling so lucky to surround myself with incredible people.
Throwback Saturday to last weekend on the Coast. Blue skies, no smoke. Portland took a week to clear the smoke, but finally we get a blue sky day today.
Labor Day weekend tradition begins. Oh how I love Gearhart.
One minute countdown. eROI rooftop. Eclipsing.
Portland people are all lined up on Waterfront Park watching the solar eclipse.
Our first fully adventurous family backpacking trip. Killen Creek. Stunning!
Emma is becoming quite the golfer with her partner Grammies.
Daydreaming of an epic hike as I work remotely today.
Butterflies everywhere on top of Middle Sisters. Not sure why I'm always whispering in these videos. Had a blast with my nephew @robbie_stephens6
So great to show Steve, my nephew's father-in-law from Michigan, the amazing Cascade mountains of Central Oregon. I never get sick of this ride.