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Occasionally it’s good to just enjoy something for the sake of enjoyment. It was a spectacular weekend. GGs @teamenvyus.
I love music that isn’t paired with words. there’s something special about a song that doesn’t tell you how to feel, it just expresses. you don’t just wait for someone to tell you how to feel, you have to pause your thoughts and experience the life of the sound all on your own. i like that. i think people need to be more like music without words.
I stare at the light. In the morning, in the evening, the stark lines made in mid day. It’s everywhere, a part of everything, and ever since I can remember I’ve wanted nothing more than to tell its story.
quick trips, sunlit nurseries, perfect coffee, lasting friendships, and an impromptu operatic show over an Italian dinner. okay.
i care for myself the way i used to care about you.
A lot of people don’t think of me as someone who plays games, which is fair because I don’t play too many different titles. But, every chapter of my life can be commemorated by an amazing game developed by Blizzard. When I was a little kid I played WarCraft with my brother, and StarCraft when we were older. In high school/college I took up World of Warcraft and maxed out my gnome frost mage. I made so many friends in that game - it made a huge impact on my life. I still remember my first Snowy Gryphon flight. After college I took a bit of a break, but when Overwatch was announced I was so ready to jump back into it. Since the release I’ve tried perfecting a few different characters, but I know in my heart I’ll forever be a main. I sewed a bunny face onto a hat for the World Cup Qualifiers - LA. My friends and I screamed for team USA, and I got to meet them all after their win. The weekend was insane, and I felt right at home.

I am into fashion, and psychology, and growing plants, and lattes... but I am also into games. I like to think of myself as just me, taking what I like and leaving what I don’t care for. I like believing that you can be a part of something while still being your own person. And I am just me.
Thank you to Blizzard for making such an impact on my life. Thanks NZXT for making a case that fits my personality, and is gorgeous. | #NZXTBLIZZCON
Tuesdays are for brainstorm sessions and storyboarding.
less about the things, more about the light.
I’ve written a lot about seasons, how they change slowly and abruptly, how they bring new air and unfamiliarity. My whole life I’ve divided everything into seasons. I see them so clearly coming and going and it helps me to file sections of my life away. I better understand the good and the bad, what I need to learn from, and what I need to forget. This season I’m in - I don’t know what its purpose is - it’s hitting me from every direction. Every once in a while its beneficial to question your fundamental ideals, to make sure that your perspective truly belongs to you. I’ve been in a constant state of questioning, and it has been rough. People like to give advice when they have no questions; they’re living in a moment of clarity and certainty. I don’t have clarity, and it has been eating me alive. I don’t like what I used to like, I don’t do what I used to do, I don’t think the ways I used to think. I don’t feel like the person I used to be. I’ve been transforming so much, and I’ve been very present during that time...but lately it’s all foggy, all convoluted and I don’t have the slightest idea what I am supposed to do. I can’t even plan the next hour of my life. It’s like a dozen paths are in front of me at any given point and I’ve forgotten where I wanted to end up. I feel like part of me has disappeared, and I can’t move forward until I fill that part of myself back up again. I’d like to think this is the sort of thing that resolved itself, but time is showing me it’s not. I am uncertain.
Stay cool out there, kids. Keep hydrated.
avail for freelance plant direction. dm me for rates.😜