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If anyone lives near here, please repost ! ***Please never chase after a lost dog if you spot them. They are potentially in survival mode, so they will react differently .same goes for calling their name, if they have been avoiding humans.
The best thing to do, on've you've established that they are not acting aggressively, is the crouch or lie on the ground, look away from the dog, hold your hand towards them (treats are great if you have them) and yawn. Let them come to you. Speak softly, so that they have to come closer to hear you, and be patient
If they run away, take note of exactly where you saw them and what time of day, as well as any observations on their appearance, and gait if you can, and call the number on the poster. #lostdoginblackcreek #blackcreek #blackcreekvancouverisland #blackcreekbc #comoxvalleyspca #comoxvalleymissingpets
It was so delightful to tattoo this on the lovely Erika today! A more personalized rendition of the Empress tarot card in memory of her beautiful grandma:) #tarottattoo #theempresscard #III #vancouvertattooartist #raincitytattoo #illustrativetattoos #witchytattoo #takemetoyourhealer #theybetterbeasagedealer #memorialtattoo #femaletattooartist
All day, all night , all of the time.
No one could hold a candle to your flame. ♥️💔❤️🔥🕯
I held off on posting this for the past 2 weeks, but Merle is back home!! He was out in the mountains for 96 days, in one of the coldest and wettest few months on record, was amongst 3 cougars, and lost nearly half his body weight.... yet when he was finally captured, he pretty much immediately reverted back to his sweet self<3 I am so grateful for all the hard work that Al and his assistant Julie from @petsearcherscanada put into rescuing him, as well as all the support from Rosa from Boneheads. If you ever have a pet go missing, Al's the man to call! Thank you to all who drove up there to help look for Merle, and who were a force of positive energy<3 and thank you to the countless others who sent all their positive energy to Merle while he was trying to survive! He's right back to wanting all the attention from everyone he sees<3 feel free to visit him and indulge him in some love! #petsearcherscanada #backhome #eaglemountain #boneheads #happytobeback #merlesofinstagram #vancitydogs #vancouverdogs #dogsofvancity #vancitybuzz #604dogs #wentonavisionquest #leftasayoungpupcamebackasamandog