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sgpsk 27w ago
Hoy en el laboratorio con una masa de 60% hidratación, 1% de masa madre y el ambiente a 28 grados Celcio por 14 horas #bam #elpandedan #14horasdeojo #ibanyarza #masamadre #coño
sgpsk 32w ago
Best kept secret of Soho, if you can find it. Brewers flock here please, you will not regret it. If Ahab was a craving this would be the White Whale #organicbeer #stingo #samuelsmith #9%ABV
sgpsk 67w ago
72 hour bulk fermentation has been a success! Sourdough Brown Bread #bam
sgpsk 76w ago
Nothing in the world beats the satisfaction of freshly baked sourdough bread. The hours and days that go into a successful starter, the months and years that go into mastering the process, all to make a better bread at home, with these hands, for those you love.
sgpsk 78w ago
Lome de Cebo and Sicilian Datterini Cornbread with toasted cumin and honey
sgpsk 98w ago
No measure Ciabatta, 24 hour fermentation with about 90% hydration. #breakingloose #imback #loveforthecraft #breadmonster
sgpsk 102w ago
Halloween cheer from London. Spooky fun for all!!
sgpsk 103w ago
Piadina stand in Camden Lock Market. Vegetarian (brie, tomatoes, pesto lettuce) or Prosciutto (arugula, tomatoes, mozarella). Outstanding energy, lots of love and a wonderful bite.