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My lovely girlfriend @besslovejoy at a cemetery plot for the Strange's in Sleepy Hollow Cenetery for her birthday
Mark Splatter designs at #GoblinMarket in #Greenpoint - hosted by @newer42 Elizabeth New, a pop-up shop running throughout their October, 170 Franklin St.
Friends in NYC, tonight in green point is the opening of Goblin Market, a pop up group market hosted by Elizabeth New. Participating vendors are myself, Wilder, Daisy Tainton, Karen Bachmann and more. It will run through October, so visit it any time, and swing by for the opening soirée tonight!#goblinmarket 170 Franklin St Greenpoint Brooklyn
Next weekend: the second Oddities Flea Market where I will be selling my wares along with dozens of other vendors of antique, vintage, odd and alternative objects and accessories! Saturday and Sunday - Sept 30/oct 1 at Brooklyn Bazaar In Greenpoint
After a brief hiatus I am back in the studio! Printing contract shirts for #silentEM
Yesterday in Beacon for our three years anniversary in front of the falls
Tomorrow! Join dozens of vendors and dealers in antiques and unusual, art and vintage on Greenpoint Brooklyn, 12-6pm! I'll have a new design of tshirt as well as the usual collection of apparel, accessories and prints!
Sneak peek at new tshirts to be unveiled Sunday at the first #OdditiesFleaMarket (12-6pm, Brooklyn Bazaar in Greenpoint) #ruysch #skeletal #anatomy display #silkscreen #tshirt

This is a diagram of the human anatomy of the abdomen. Taken from Andreas Vesalius' comprehensive guide to anatomy in the 16th century that revolutionized medicine and surgery, the organs were later drafted onto this illustration of Roman Centurion armor in a book from another author.
Printed on black 'Canvas' brand cotton jersey tshirt for excellent fit and quality. The color is a burnt brown printed with discharge ink, a special ink that permeates the fiber of the tshirt. Unlike most inks that simply rest on top of the fibre and see prone to flaking off or leaving heavy deposits like plastisol or water base, discharge effects and bonds with the very material of the garment.

From Mike Sappol's 'Dream Anatomy': the anatomist Juan Valverde de Amusco (1525–ca. 1588) published these engravings by Gaspar Becerra (1520?–1568?) in his anatomical atlas "Anatomia del corpo humano" Rome, 1559. Copperplate engraving. National Library of Medicine.

#marksplatter #print #studio #screenprint #discharge #tshirt #handmade #deathrock #anatomical #enlightenment #graphic #vesalius #historical #roman #centurion #armor #organs
#tarot patches in #black and #gold are online again on the cvltnation bizarre -
Vintage Funeral Playing Cards to add to my card collection, from Nevertold Casket Co in Seattle #funeral #playingcards #card #death #morbid @nevertoldcasket @besslovejoy
Friends and admirers: I'll be out of town the next three weeks, and during that time I've limited my sales to patches on both Etsy and Cvltnation, as I brought a limited supply of stock with me on my travels. Tshirts, scarves and other prints will be available again mid January! Til then happy new year!
@besslovejoy at the #morbidanatomyfleamarket wearing my new #swords #scarves available now online at