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New additions. The Light Bone and Summit white colourway is a #hype

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The wanderer returns (for a couple of days.) "One day I want to go out in Stone Island trousers, a Stone Island shirt and a Stone Island jacket..." @masschiappa 2017
@secondshotcoffee does it again. Lovely, bright Espresso and a cheeky batch brew taster. Always try and pass through when I'm this end of town. #yum #coffee
#trim. Shout out Jonny the Razor as always. Same barber since I was 16. Don't cheat.
#burgerandlobSTAGRAM. T.Wong's birthday dinner tonight at Burger and Lobster. Very nice. Happy birthday brother. (@tommychw)
Cappuccino Instagram fodder. @attendant_uk I've got this on lock. @brendino500 I'm coming for you!! Quiet Sundays can be great.
North London excursions with @emgreene17. Swains Lane is one of the most demanding climbs in London. Great fun to watch some of the #urbanhillclimblondon. Great vibes and atmosphere.
The only real option given the events of the last few days. Seeing all the tributes on social media over the last few days has has shown what an impact @gwarizm had on so many people; as a professional, as a "culture maker" and historian and most of all as a human being. #RIPGaryWarnett #gwarizm #RIPGwar .
A very stark reminder of the fragility of life.
Couldn't face the bike this morning. Put some heat on instead. #Patta x #Asics for today.
Shouts to all my #FSU family, this post is in no way supporting The Gators. Trust me.
Got all nostalgic a few days ago. Thinking about the early days of #YungZed and how much she's grown and how much life has changed in that time. The little tiny human pictured here is now walking around, chattering away (in her own, wonderful way) and has a mouth full of teeth (among other things). Our family looks different; we've lost and gained people and the world still spins. It's crazy to think back on specifics of life, it's a good way to ground you and remind you of the things to be grateful for.
"A man needs something he can hold on to; a 9 pound hammer or a woman like you..." Another country pub, Sunday roast behaviour..
Brendino500 came into the shop with her camera the other day. She caught a few great shots but this nice natural one is one of my favourites. We will hopefully be taking some more pics again soon. Check out @brendino500 on here to see what's good. She also shoots for @attendant_uk now too, head there as well. Peace.
@attendant_uk just levelled up their Instagram content. Now using professional models to make coffee... Finally. 😜. .
@brendino500 dans Le 📷
Yesterday @emgreene17 and I explored the "countryside" that's within an hour's drive from home. We walked along a bit of The Thames that isn't saturated with air pollution (or tourists) and it was beautiful.