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rgus 5w ago
We've had a hell of a good time together. Ups and downs. But we were always there for each other. It's gonna hard not having best friends around all the time. But all good things come to and end. ❤️🤘🏽 #househomies #4lyfe #upallnighttogetcuckly #37Sund & #13Bissel
This day was a blur.
rgus 6w ago
Token group photo. Crazy night. Crazy weekend. Crazy summer. Crazy life. Summer is coming to an end. And I'm very much ready to shift my priorities towards more constructive hobbies. I love you all. I just have too much fun. My face looks stupid. PEACE. @lomby10 @nicndre @trisha77 @vrzovski9
rgus 7w ago
Busy drinking. No time to hashtag.
rgus 8w ago
Tattoos don't have to mean things. Theirs might. 😏 #triangle #tattoos #harrypotter @triinabee @hill.r.e #beerfest
rgus 13w ago
Pretty insane weekend. Saw a lot. Spent a lot. Experienced a lot. Now give me a #KISS. #fuckporter #merica
rgus 13w ago
Just can't figure it out. #gash
rgus 16w ago
"This forest is old. Very old."
rgus 23w ago
My mom took this photo.