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so today the future is here and mcfly is a fucking liar! where are the hover boards?

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I forgot to post this one a couple weeks ago. A custom #newyorkgiants magnetic bottle opener/talc cone holder/rack holder. This was fun to create. Thanks for looking and #GOCOWBOYS lol #CastanedaWoodworkingandCrafts #nygiants
Custom 49er bottle opener with a magnet in the back to catch the caps. Thanks for looking. #CastanedaWoodworkingandCrafts #gocowboys #49ers
Butchyboy and I catching up on our z's, while mom and dad are away. Thanks @dinobunny for the 📷
I had the honor of making an urn for a huge KISS fan. Thanks for looking. #castanedawoodworkingandcrafts #KISS
#lichtenbergfigures *KISS image was burned at RGW in Porterville*
I forgot to post this last week. This was a fun one. A custom hat rack I made for my cousin to give as a gift. Holds 24 hats. Thanks for looking. #CastanedaWoodworkingandCrafts
A mail rack that I made for my cousin. The logo was burned at RGW in Porterville, then filled in with paint. I'm especially stoked with this one and already have an order for another! #CastanedaWoodworkingandCrafts #CastabrewBrewingCo
Another one! Thanks for looking and thanks to Brian for ordering. Hit me up if you'd like one. #CastanedaWoodworkingandCrafts
I little fishing pole that I made for a cute little two year old's birthday. It has a magnet for the "hook" and Kimmi made fish with steel bearings sewn into their mouth.
Mom asked for something to hold her fruits, veggies and miscellaneous kitchen stuff, so I built this. Thanks for looking. #Ishouldhavetakenthepicsonaflatsurface #castanedawoodworking
Finally finished this mail/key holder that @aflores_thebarber asked for and I'm super happy with it.
FINALLY finished building these table and benches for Courtney. It was my first time building either, and it shows, but I'm pretty stoked on the outcome. If you've hit me up about making something awesome for you, I'm getting on it...For realsies lol

Thanks for looking

Congrats to the best boss in the world, he found his other half and now we get to get dressed up and celebrate their love.
Love you guys!