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Happy 30th birthday Patrick! Thanks for always supporting me in all I do! You are one of the funniest people I know and I always have a smile on my face when i'm around you. I will always remember the time when you were supposed to pick me up from my dorm and you were late so I called you and all I heard was loud music and I asked where you were and you were yelling saying you were at some concert. i was pissed. then you turned down the music in your car and said "i'll be there in 2 minutes" and you hung up and showed up 2 minutes later 🤦🏽‍♀️ You have the best humor 😂 I hope this year is so amazing for you and your family. You're the best dad and it's amazing watching you interact with the two of them. You also are an amazing husband to Ashley and an amazing friend. Thanks for being the best brother ever 💜 #BigBrother #AlwaysTellsDadJokes #30thbirthday
Favorite Arbonne Protein Shake: Almond milk, Fresh strawberries, Almond Butter, Spinach and Arbonne's Vanilla Protein Powder! 😋👊🏼✨What are your favorite shake recipes?! #Arbonne #ArbonneShakeItUp #Giveaway
Missed the memo yesterday but #happynationalboyfriendday thank you for all the laughter you bring into my life 🖤you're my best friend
The time is now... Don't wait any longer for your dreams. You deserve them right now... 5,4,3,2,1.... GO! #MelRobbins #The5SecondRule #Audiobook #Inspired #ThereIsGreatnessWithinEveryone #TheTimeIsNow #Go
happy birthday Rachel Cole! This girl right here is someone who started as my leader and turned into my best friend.. She is there for me through thick and thin and not just in my business. my life. I love our lunch dates and long talks about life and our passions. You have guided me not only in my business but also have helped me grow into who I am today. Thank you for your honesty even when I don't want to hear it. Thank you for always saying yes when I need you. Thank you for being my friend even if we didn't have Arbonne linking us. And thank you for saying yes to Arbonne years ago... I wouldn't be where I am today and have the freedom that I have now if you didn't... Thanks for always staying true to who you are, please don't ever change. I love you exactly as you are and you're a fearless leader, an amazing mother and wife and also an amazing friend! I Hope this year is filled with so much love, happiness and success because you deserve it! #ColeNationComing #BestFriend #SheAlwaysFollowsTheRules #ImArulebreaker #WeCompleteEachother #SheCantDanceByHerself #ImoveHerArmsOnTheDanceFloor #ShesJustTheBestOfLife
Just over here sipping on my Detox Tea! Just started our 30 days to healthy living monday and have lost NINE POUNDS since monday 😳😳 Thank The Lord Jesus ✊🏼🙏🏼👐🏼 Who wants to do it with me?! #Iwasntsupposedtoweighmyselfuntilnextmonday #Igottooexcited #Iwasfeelinggood #ninepounds #soexcited #healthy #dontworryyouwontpoopyourselffromthecleanse #thatwasmyworry #ineverhavehadanissuepoopingthoughanyways #Toomuchinfosorry #Sorrynotsorry
Oh good Lord they finally did it! Pure Essential Oils! 😩😩 #essentialoils #new #wegotitallnow #pumped #pure #safe #vegan
So many goodies came in the mail today 🤗 New holiday line! Ready to spoil some hosts! Who wants to be spoiled 😆😜🤗#nottooearlyforholidayline #whowantstoseeitall #vegan #giftsongifts
HELP US HELP HOUSTON: Shelters are currently looking for ready made food items.... However there are currently ZERO UPS or FedEx deliveries happening! BUT ARBONNE is filling 18 wheeler trucks with these ready made shakes (enough nutrients to equal one meal!) and driving them from Indiana to Texas OVERNIGHT!! It is my goal to send 20+ cases their way! Can I get 20 people to donate $30 to get these shakes to Harvey shelters and the rescuers? Arbonne has partnered with a non profit organization in the Houston area that is working directly with the people in need. This is NOT for profit and I will be covering shipping/tax. Let's help Houston ❤️💔🌸☔️ PM me!!
Today marks 3 years since i've been off of my depression/anxiety meds! I am so blessed with where I am at in life, who is in it and where life is taking me. I still of course have off days and still struggle on a regular basis but am now able to get myself out of those deep dark places quicker and am able to enjoy my life more. Excited for more years to come! #NoMoreMeds #ThreeYearsStrong #DepressionAndAnxiety #Excited #LovingLife #Happy
Okay so... arbonne drawstring bag...arbonne sleep mask with ear plugs, arbonne sunglasses, arbonne travel blanket, JBL arbonne headphones... anddddd a free trip to mexico?! sayyyy whattttttttt? I'll take it! #Arbonne #ThankYouArbonne #Swag #ArbonneLogoForDays #LoveWhatIdo #JobGoals
Happy birthday @c_welsh25 ! My twin, my best friend, my forever dancing partner, my personal body guard, best uncle ever, best little brother.. the list could go on! I hope this year is so amazing for you! Love you! #littlebro #twin #imolder #itaughthimhowtodance #weuseourhandsalotwhiledancing #birthdaysarethebest #bestfriendgoals
Our bodies are either fueled or poisoned by our foods. Check out these ingredients.

Powerade ingredients: water, GLUCOSE, FRUCTOSE, citric acid, Sodium Chloride, fruit and vegetable concentrates, acidity regulators, Stabilizers, flavorings, ANTI-FOAMING Agent (dimethyl polysiloxane) 😩, Vitamin B6. (Some use high fructose corn syrup as the 2nd ingredient.) Gatorade ingredients: water, SUCROSE, dextrose, citric acid, salt, sodium citrate, modified food starch, BROMINATED vegetable oil 🤢, caramel and added flavoring/color ingredients.
Yes, these drinks "replace electrolytes". But what is the big secret the ingredients that do this? To replace electrolytes you don't need some tricky formula, man-made chemicals or colors. There are cleaner sources that provide sodium chloride, potassium and magnesium.
Yes, enter Arbonne's PhytoSport line. Take a minute to let this one soak in! Sugar comparison of Arbonne's PhytoSport Prepare & Endure, Complete Hydration and After Workout drinks vs. Gatorade. Powerade has 46 grams!!! 😩 Plus ours has NO artificial flavor, colors or sweeteners AND contains 6 electrolytes, not just 3...AND they really work and taste great! 😋

Which would you choose? What about for the other athletes in your home?
Happy birthday to one of my main squeezes! So blessed to have a such an amazing friend in my life! I hope this year is everything you wish it to be, you deserve it! #happybirthday #cankles #bestfriendgoals #bestfriend #somanymemories #love
Happy birthday to my best friend, boyfriend and the best dad ever! I am so happy to be celebrating another year with you and I can't wait for many more. You bring so much laughter into my life and I appreciate you so much! #Birthday #TeddyGram #BestFriend #SoulMate #Laughter #TheBabbeeee
Like come on 😩😩😩😩😩😩#Cuties