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  Posted: Jun 27, 2012 7:33 PM FEED
10 Lo-fi
Sad to know he's gone. You are missed, Jaya. @jayabonderov

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This should be obvious but obviously it isn’t. #stopbeingdifficult
With Linda Ramone and Shepard Fairey at the X Grammy Museum Opening Night. #punk @xthebandofficial #grammymuseum
Circle A teammate, Toronto-Canadian, naked McTwister, WuTang fanatic, and longtime friend Bill Weiss at #rumbleinramona #mypeopleskateboard #skateboarding
Micke Alba. One of my absolute favorite styles and always a good dude to me as a kid. And man, those shuffle tricks! #skateboarding #mypeopleskateboard
Posted: Oct 8, 2017 3:00 AM
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Skateboarding is crazy and awesome and ALWAYS progressive and I love it. #imafan #skateboarding #rumbleinramona @claykreiner
One more from Rumble in Ramona, this one’s Al Partenan floating one no-grab style over the channel. #rumbleinramona #skateboarding
Omar Hassan — Feeble to fakie over the channel at Rumble at Ramona a few years back. #skateboarding #rumbleinramona @omarhassan
Steve Caballero fakie-ollieing over a big channel at Rumble in Ramona four or five years ago. I think that was the last time I went. Stoked to be playing music there next weekend with Action Now! @stevecaballero #actionnow #skateboarding #rumbleinramona
It’s been five years. Might be time for another trip to Skatopia next year! #skatopia #skateboarding #isthisskateboarding I should note that that car drove seven hours from New York to West Virginia and was perfectly good before they decided, in a drunken state, to have some fun with it. This was day two after a long night of partying that created this great decision making process.
I can't imagine what everyone in his world is going through today because I only got to see him on occasional trips and this is tough stuff. When they write songs like this about a guy you know he was one to have on your team. #pstone
The sound of P-Stone's laugh with skateboarding footy. Perfect. Miss you Preston. #pstone
Chris Johanson painting from mid-1990s. @chrisjohansonart I hope to actually see your face sometime soon!
Wesley Willis came to town with the Didjits and rocked the [original] Casbah like a hurricane. Here he shows off the head butt lump on his head. He later wrote a song about our friend Kendra Gaeta. #wesleywillis