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For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you. #auntlifeisthebestlife
Justin Card, MBA, PMP
I am so proud of this man and everything he has accomplished for our family. 💖
Sometimes in life you meet someone who just gets you. This girl is my someone. I will miss you Lorena! #ourlastdunkinruntogether
Happy birthday Mimi. Hope you're ready to spend the day with me and party like no manana!! 💖👑🎁
Y'all...this ice cream is no joke. AMAZINGLY AWESOME, not to mention all natural ingredients. 🍦
Duke loves the beach. Anywhere Justin goes he wants to go. #bestbuds #brosforlife
Nothing better than boiled peanuts on the 4th! #southerngirl 🇺🇸
When you're a princess 👑 and you know it. My prince gives me this look quiet often. 😜