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  Posted: Jun 27, 2012 6:00 PM FEED
12 Hudson
Trying to eat this and nurse at the same time. Risky.
  • Just made sure you tip baby on her side afterwards to empty the sesame seeds out of her ears :) 🍔

  • Very risky! Hamburgers are two-arm foods. I've attempted this and failed. I wish you luck.

  • Are you at 5 guys? And lol @littlehen

  • That looks like a Five Guys burger lol

  • Yep, 5 guys! One of the employees applauded me saying that it was tricky and they should take a pic and put it on the wall, feeding double. Cool, huh?

  • @theleakyboob that is awesome! At the one here they took one of my 2yo taking a huge monster bite of a burger like a boss. Lol

  • md_ts 5y ago

    OMG I LOVE 5 Guys!!!! Mos def my fave burger joint!!!!

  • I knew that there was actually a use for breastfeeding covers, lol! 😂

  • @aurian82 haha! Perfect!

  • It's a tricky one for sure. I man-grip burgers though, so maybe that helped lol

  • Mmmmm

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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 3:30 AM
34 Normal
Throw back Thursday to last week, two days after giving birth. Me and my baby wearing our diapers (I was wearing a diaper, so was my baby), hanging out topless together. Exhausted, sore, leaking, sticky, in need of a shower, bleeding, puked on, peed on, greasy, hot flashy... with a little postpartum je ne sais quoi. People had told me I was glowing but really that was just the sheen of grease and sweat from the last two days. Yes, that was even with bathing.
And yes, I still had (have) a baby bump. Smaller than the day before and certainly smaller than a week prior or many weeks before that. Not only smaller, squishier too. Softer. Floppy. Wrinkly and doughy. My belly button like a cavern folding in on itself. And that was with the amazing belly wrapping/binding Tierra had done on me that helped me feel held together instead of my organs floating all willy nilly inside me as they adjusted to no longer being smashed and displaced by my uterus and baby.
Postpartum baby bump and a diaper plus boobs that were crusty with colostrum and getting heavy as my milk slowly began to transition.

I also had a bloody nose that day.
It was tempting for me in taking this photo to try and suck in that bump. Not going to lie, I did try. It didn't really move.
"Don't slack, get your body back" went through my head.
But as I stared at me and my baby, leaky and sticking to each other in nothing but our coordinating diapers- mine 20 times the size of hers- I already knew that I didn't want to go back. #postpartum #postpartumbody #beyondbeforeandafter #takebackpostpartum #beautifulbfing #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding #bfing #mombod #pregnancy #birth #newbaby #bodypositive #realtalk #momlife #throwbackthursday
Nine days postpartum and ALL. THE. LAUNDRY. I’m organizing the older kids to do a folding party and I’ll fold from my spot on the couch while Lucky naps in the @nuna_usa Leaf (thank goodness for hand me down baby gear from friends). Fortunately my family understands the priority that postpartum lying in is for me (more on that later) and they step up so I can rest and heal. Granted, I gave birth to my helpers and didn’t practice laying in with my first babies but now I wish every birthing parent had support to truly heal after having a baby. A big part of my postpartum recovery though is making peace with the mess for a time and letting the laundry pile up until someone can step up to take care of it. In the past my recovery was greatly hampered and my health suffered (extended bleeding, vitamin deficiencies, lasting fatigue, chronic headaches, lowered immune system, and frankly, really crabby mommy with a higher risk of PPD/PPA). So now I ask for help and look past the laundry. There is privilege imbedded here, an issue I use the energy I save in doing what I can to have my laying in time (I have no maternity leave to speak of and work from my bed) to do what I can to influence policy and systems to support every birthing parent in having time to heal and bond with their baby. #postpartum #maternityleave #newbaby #parentalleave #laundry #takebackpostpartum #reallife #family
I took this picture of my partner just after he had finished the warming belly massage and began to wrap me as @tierra_cecilia taught us. We’ve been doing this daily since the birth, something new to us. It has come to mean a lot and I cherish these moments with my partner. His touch and attention are as healing as the wrapping and the massage. #takebackpostpartum #newbaby #birth .
#Repost @jeremybeyondmoi
9 days post birth. A new thing for @jmartinweber and I this seventh postpartum time is the belly-wrapping that @tierra_cecilia introduced to us. It's a simple mesh gauze type fabric that wraps around Jessica's belly to help ease the readjustment of her insides post-birth and to offer support to her midsection. For us as a couple it's a few minutes a day spent together, touching, talking, and just enjoying each other's company. Jessica has loved this belly wrapping, occasionally needing to give her skin a break, but otherwise keeping it on most of the time.
#postpartum #couple #relationships #bellywrapping #love
How did it you stay hydrated in labor and with breastfeeding? With my homebirth I drank all through labor, water mostly but also juice and coconut water. I find having a water bottle with me all the time helps. .
You guys, the @purastainless water bottle I used in labor is freaking awesome. It kept my water cold even for as long as I would hold it in the warm water of my labor pool. I really loved it and it helped me stay hydrated through that long labor. It’s great too that there’s no crappy coating on the inside changing the taste of the water or any of the chemicals I want to avoid. Now it is my constant companion with breastfeeding a newborn.
Pura believes so much in what TLB represents, they joined up with us to sponsor #tlbsafekids including a giveaway with Diono and Crane. Check it out on and share your images of practicing safety with your safety tips on the hashtag #tlbsafekids. #labor #birth #homebirth #waterbottle #ad #giveaway #sponsored #safety #hydrate #tlbsafekids
Lucky’s newborn exam last week happened on my bed surrounded by her sisters while I rested and watched. I knew she was in good hands and had the loving support of her sisters holding her hand and softly (and sometimes loudly) talking her through the gentle exam. Our midwife, Carrie Duncan and the student midwives showed us the placenta (that thing is so big!), weighed and measured her, checked her hips and spine and everything else all right there with us in arms’ reach. Thanks to @the_wise_woman_nextdoor for such a respectful and gentle exam for our Lucky who had just left my body to be in the bright active world with us. Lucky was back on the breast in no time, still surrounded by her sisters. #homebirth #birth #newborn #newbaby #respectfulbirth #family #andaluzwaterbirthcenter
Laboring in my living room last week (over a week ago now!) with the support of my midwife, @the_wise_woman_nextdoor. Now that we’re all rested up (ha! Just kidding!), we’re planning a live stream recapping the birth and while we won’t necessarily be answering questions here, if you have any you’d like to see us address in the live stream, comment with them below. #homebirth #midwife #birth #labor #laboranddelivery #andaluzwaterbirthcenter
Some first fluff! Lucky has no butt but cloth dipes help her fill out her bottoms some. 😂 Today she’s rocking a onesie over some pretty printed @applecheeksdipe and soft fleece pants for a cozy day hanging with mommy. #clothdiapers #makeclothmainstream #applecheeks #fluffybutt #newbaby #newborn
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 10:52 PM
10 Normal
Did you get to a photo capture of the first time you breastfed? How has #breastfeeding helped you tap into your inner power? Share on the #beautifulbfing hashtag, we’ll be picking some stories to share.
#Repost @jomehndi
The first #breastfeeding moment with my youngest after an empowering #VBAC with #hypnobabies ❤️ @theleakyboob #beautifulbfing #normalizebreastfeeding #birthwithoutfear
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 7:58 PM
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Did you ever think that your baby wanted the breast so often because maybe they weren't getting enough? You're not alone!
This is Lucky breastfeeding.
Why yes, she is on the boob again. It's not even noon and it's the 3,127 time today. I think. I'm not really sure because I haven't been counting and some of those were when I was still trying to sleep. And some of the times run together, I'm not always sure when one ends and the next begins.
It's pretty much constant. She's even figured out sleeping and feeding at the same time.
Are you familiar with normal newborn behavior when it comes to feeding? Do you know what indicates a problem and what is just baby establishing supply? Comment below and share what you've learned as to when not to worry and when to seek professional health care support. (Continued in slide show.) #beautifulbfing #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding #normalnewbornbehavior #newbaby #feedallthebabies
A friend and TLB group admin posted this and I just had to share. "I know I've talked a lot recently about the birth I just watched... I can't help it, I'm a birth junkie. My dream is to go into birth work as a doula.

One of the many things I loved about this birth was Jessica's family. Not only was her husband her rock during the entire birth, but throughout her entire labor, her six daughters helped her cope with contractions, the older ones helped occupy the younger ones when needed, and all were surrounding Jessica as she pushed her baby into the world. Even her 5-year-old was involved. She was fascinated by the entire process. When baby Nym (that's her name, isn't it awesome?!) made her entrance into the world, I was delighted to see the 5-year-old's face go from surprise, to awe, and then to giddy excitement as she fully grasped what just happened.

Another thing that struck me was just how NORMAL it was to her daughters. When Nym's head was out, and as they waited for another contraction to begin, almost all of the daughters touched their baby sister's head. And all 6 were in the room as she was pushing, and when Nym was born. Yes, they had a good view of their mother's vagina. But it wasn't weird to them. As Jessica said at one point, "Yes, I have a vagina, and a baby is coming out of it." At one point, while she was on the birthing stool, the 5-year-old and the 7-year-old got on the floor and took a look from below. There was no "Don't do that!" or "that's gross!"... they were asked "What do to you see?", and responded with a matter-of-fact "An open vagina." .
.I'm rambling here.
I love birth. I want to see it normalized. I want people to see how peaceful a birth can be. I want pregnant women to not be scared of giving birth, but to be excited.".
Sugarbaby (5) and Smunchie (7) have been talking about the birth quite a bit this week. "Remember when you were pushing and working hard to get her out mama? You were so strong." "It was amazing when her head came out of your vagina, she was so cute!" "Some day I am going to be like you and have lots of babies, mama." "I was so proud of you mama, you worked so hard." #birth #homebirth #newbaby #midwife
Babywearing Lucky for the first time briefly yesterday. It felt so good even though I felt out of practice. Nym in the @tekhniwovens Nymphai tuxedo ring sling inspired by my tattoo. 😍#wearallthebabies #babywearing #tekhni #nymphai #ringsling #newborn
How we move through our grief, what is visible to others, does not determine the validity of your grieving process or how much you care and love. #infantloss #pregnancyloss
Meet Nym Calliope. Her name is from two Shakespeare plays (Henry V, and Merry Wives of Windsor) with a nod at Rowling/Harry Potter. Her gestation was approximately 39 weeks and her head circumference was 14.25". She is very loved and welcomed by 6 big sisters and her mommy and daddy and she was born into her mommy' hands at home surrounded by her family and community. Her birth can be found on
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 1:33 PM
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She has many adoring fans in her big sisters. #newbaby #family #bigsister
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 3:12 AM
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I figured this was going to happen. Scary nipples. 😞
After birth I took a few steps to the edge of my bed where I laid down and latched Lucky, surrounded by my family and community. As a grand multipara who has experienced pelvic prolapse and a birth injury uterine prolapse before (and had therapy for them), it was important that I lay down as soon as possible for my health and safety. Particularly after a long labor. The birth stool had been a great place for me to push but it wasn't going to be a great place for me to rest and deliver the placenta. Laying down felt amazing and having my children gather around me and Lucky was such a joy. I delivered the placenta (the thing was surprisingly huge!) without issue. Exhausted and caught up in the moment, I love looking at these photos and seeing the joy, care, and love of my family around us. Though she was very angry with the world, Lucky latched well and suckled for a while as I delivered the placenta and her sisters and daddy and friends and birth team continued to love and support us safely. #family #birth #homebirth #midwife #normalizebirth #breastfeeding #beautifulbfing
The moment we had all been working toward. Lucky's birth yesterday. She was born into my hands, in my room, on a birth stool surrounded by family and friends supported by an @andaluzwaterbirth team led by my midwife @the_wise_woman_nextdoor. My favorite part of this photo is seeing Lucky in person for the first time with @jeremybeyondmoi helping lift her to my chest. My second favorite part is Sugarbaby's facial expression in the background. ❤️ This image is a screen cap of the livefeed of the birth thanks to @mybabysheartbeatbear. #birth #homebirth #midwifery #midwife #luckyno7 #andaluzwaterbirth #andaluzbirthingcenter #newbaby #labor #babycatcher